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Nowadays, most industrial manufacturing of new superfine powder material demand, covers almost all the industrial production and manufacturing departments. Vertical roller mill in the preparation of ultrafine powder materials technology plays an important role, as demand prospects of superfine powder material in social production continues to strengthen, it will pull the vertical mill market demand increases.
Vertical roller mill adopts advanced structure of domestic and foreign similar products in the zenith, and according to years of equipment research and development experience and market feedback information, in the same industry vertical mill on the basis of improving design and updated. In the traditional vertical grinding. It was found, in the processing of calcite powder, 325 mesh powder containing 10 ? m ultra-fine powder large, if it can be separated to expand production through some technical means, enterprise efficiency will be greatly improved.
Metallic and non metallic minerals and other organic matter is the main source of industrial super fine powder material, such as molybdenum powder, magnesium powder of these metal mineralizer superfine powder and kaolin, talc powder such non gold compound ultrafine powder. These ultrafine powder material passing through the special craft processing, with the production of wide applicability, basic can be used in the production and processing of industrial products. If after modified treatment of special material properties, application scope and multiply. For example, a lot of new industrial products using ultrafine powder material as additive, greatly reduces the cost of production, the product strength, elasticity, resistance to high temperature. Anti radiation, anti aging function is improved, which is for enterprise customers and satisfy both sides.
In order to make the customer’s production continuously and smoothly running, zenith vertical roller mill operation has the following characteristics:…

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