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My Winter Break

For my Winter Break, I went back to Jakarta to see my family. The night before I left, I bought a lot of presents for my friends in Indonesia. Surely they would want gifts. My mom packed most of my stuff since I don’t how or would just make a mess of everything and then I played my laptop until VERY late and then went to bed. I woke up at around 6 to get ready and I was packing again for stuff to put in my backpack like charger, books, wallet, and all that stuff. So then at 7 A.M. we make our way to the airport to go to Indonesia. It was really crowded in the airport. There were many travelers that were waiting to be checked-in, waiting for their tour members, or just eating their breakfast. It was really crowded. I took Eva Air to go to Indonesia so I have to go where Eva is. It has a long waiting line so I have to wait a while for it. Also to get inside the airport there is a long line so I have to immediately go in and also because our flight is at 9 A.M. and it is really crowded. We say goodbye to my dad and then off we go in to the security check. At the security Check everybody was lining up, it was so crowded. After the check we haven’t had breakfast but we only had about 45 minutes before boarding so we ate as fast as we could. I ate Curry Chicken Rice while my mom ate Peanut Butter Toast. It was delicious. After we had our breakfast, we went to our gate to wait. There weren’t many people when we went in but in about 5-10 minutes the place was filled with people. After boarding we sat down on the plane and wait for it to take off.After Take off, I watched movies at the airplane. There weren’t many movies that I wanted to watch but I manage to find some that caught my interest. It was called “Cold Eyes”. The movie is about a newbie police that can remember anything if she wants to. Then she was assigned to find a bank robber with a team. I can’t really explain the movie but it was great. Then I watch another movie called…

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