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Problems with Health Care system in the United States has come into question in recent years.  As a result some politicians have been campaigning in favor of the government providing healthcare insurance for every American.

There are several subsystems within the United States healthcare system.  Although many support universal health insurance, some stand on the belief that choice is what America is all about.

When it comes to families who cannot afford insurance, there is government funded Medicaid available.  The elderly have Medicare available to them.  In comparing the health system of the military, the VA, and the private sector there really are not that many differences.

Healthcare for the military is funded by the government and through the private sector.  When the military person holds a civilian job they are responsible for approximately $12,100 towards their insurance coverage.  If their job is in the military then their health insurance is completely paid for.

Healthcare for veterans is financed tax payer dollars and private insurance companies.  Healthcare for Vets is either very affordable or completely free. Vets can be treated at any military healthcare facility, but they will only be given priority care at specifically, a Veterans Facility.  If a vet goes into a military treatment facility for active military, they will not be give priority.  That’s very unfortunate.  Vets should be given the same consideration as active duty military.

The military and veterans healthcare systems are considered multi-payer systems.  They are financed by more than one source.  Multi-payer systems spread out the cost and make it more affordable.

The majority of private health insurance is obtained through a person’s place of employment.  Employers pay the majority of the cost and employees pay the remainder.   Those who can afford it, pay for their own healthcare insurance. Those who cannot afford to pay for their own insurance either obtain Medicaid or some other insurance available through the government.  If they don’t qualify for government insurance then they go with out.

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