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With the continuous development of mining machinery, rock cone crusher is also experiencing one process of being improved and perfected, and there are two type cone crushers, one is the spiral cone crusher, and the other is the hydraulic cone crusher. Cone crusher can also be called Symons cone crusher in some areas. Because of the widely application of the cone crusher, it is very popular with our customers. However, the cone crusher may have some defects in the process of working, and do you know why
The possible malfunction and its reasons of cone crusher are as follows:1. Drive shaft rotary uneven, produce strong beat or pulley rotation after tapping, the moving cone of fixed cone gear tooth due to the defects of installation and operation of axial clearance is too large and the worn or damaged, which may be caused by the following reasons: Key of pulley or gear damage; Spindle due out but not broken thing stop and broken ore crusher, change gear, correction of tooth clearance; In key; Replacement of the spindle, and strengthen the iron work.2. Strong vibration of the breaker of the moving cone rapidly running spindle taper lining collar for a horse tight by the following reasons; There is no lubricating oil between shaft and bushing or oil in the dust; Due to the moving cone sinkOr sphericalBearing damage;Taper sleeve inadequate clearance stop ore crusher, to find and eliminate the cause.3. Cone crusher’s ( vibration at work, which may be caused by the following reasons: Spring pressure is insufficient; Breaker to thin and viscous material, giveOre uneven or give too much;The spring stiffness is insufficientTighten the spring compression nut or replace spring; Adjust the breaker to mine; With rigid larger strong springs.4. Breaker upward at the same time produce strong beat, and then the normal work of falling into the crushing chamber is not broken, often cause the main shaft…

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