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As mankind slowly evolves into a more health conscious mentality, we will see a rise in the need for various fitness programs, fitness centers, and more importantly, a new job market in the guise of the rapidly growing personal training field. Since the personal training field is expected to multiply quite rapidly at least until the year 2014. In such a crowded field, how will it be possible for a fitness / personal trainer to obtain new clients?

It all begins with the personal trainer realizing that health and fitness is a field of expertise that rapidly changes as new better ways to keep fit are developed for the highly hectic lifestyle of today. It is of paramount importance though that a personal trainer be affiliated with, if not a well known and popular fitness center, then a fitness center that is exposed to regular client traffic in order to have a chance to gain walk in clients who want to sign up for personal training. A personal trainer must be of a social character who is not ashamed of blatant self promotion while at work.

Approach clients whom you think would benefit from a personal trainer package and sell them on the idea. Make sure to create rapport with the people manning to client counter or front desk. They are usually the people first approached by clients who want information about personal training. By getting on the good side of these people, you assure yourself that they will be referring potential clients and building up your credentials with the clients as well.

When out socializing, always remember to carry your call cards because you never know when you might come across a person or group of people who are interested in hiring a personal trainer. It never hurts to be prepared and to insert your occupation and that you are open to new clients into conversations.

A personal trainer does not need to be a college graduate in order to practice in this field, he must though, make sure that he passes all the qualifying exams and continues to attend seminars and lecture pertaining to the fitness field. Keeping abreast of the latest training methods shows a potential client that you know what you are doing and that he can place his full trust in any program you create for his specific needs.

The personal trainer must maintain his own healthy looking appearance and physique by practicing what he preaches. The best advertisement for a personal trainer is his own body. People who are in the market for a personal trainer often judge the possible success of their fitness program by the way the trainer is seen by their untrained eyes. If the client can envision him or herself looking like their trainer in the future, you will be able to obtain a new client.

After all, a client will not be enticed to sign up for an exercise program if the person trying to convince him of the benefits of personalized training programs has flabby arms or a bulging stomach. Personal trainers also rely on good worth of mouth or recommendations from their previously or currently satisfied clients. Usually, a personal trainer ends up as a trainer to a pair or group of friends who hire him simply because they believe in the free publicity that their friend sells them on. It is not hard to gain free publicity when you do your job well and the results are evident.

We have to admit that exercising is one of the most tiresome activities that induces laziness at the mere mention of the word. Therefore, in order to obtain new clients, a personal trainer must have strong convincing skills. Of the 10 people who go to a gym, about 6 of them will sign up with at least half lying by the wayside after two months.

As a personal trainer, it is imperative that one be only a breath short of becoming a motivational speaker. Once a client walks into the door or calls for an appointment, he must be able to sell him on the idea of fitness and its benefits. Sounds like a sincerely caring friend, not like a professional selling a product on the QVC. If done properly, he will have gained a few new clients by the end of the day.

Another method by which a personal trainer can obtain new clients is by affiliating himself with various health professionals and offering them a percentage for every successful sign up referral they send to you. Networking is key in this competitive field and a personal trainer should use all available weapons in his arsenal such a putting an advertisement in the local paper offering your package services or inviting people to come try your work out at a small venue for free. Keep flyers handy if you decide to offer a free work out so that they will know how to contact you in case they decide to sign up for your services.

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