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There’s an old adage that says “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” It is true. If people would just take better care of their health, they will enjoy a better lifestyle and save hundreds, if not thousands of money in hospitalization and treatment costs.

In a number of cases, however, people lack awareness of the diseases they could get, how to prevent getting them and the kinds of treatments available to them. On one hand, patients do lack knowledge and are sometimes skeptical of the tests they need to undergo. Health educators and providers, on the other hand, lack time to reach a wider audience to promote awareness of certain practices that could help people avoid diseases.

Given these limitations, it has become necessary for health educators to use every possible, including YouTube avenue to promote awareness and preventive services. A health educator can upload health educational videos on YouTube for very low costs. Given the popularity of hand-held cameras, it is very easy to shoot and produce videos that could be used for health care awareness campaigns.

YouTube is also very popular among various segments of the population. The links to the YouTube can also be shared and spread via email and could easily go viral. The challenge to using YouTube, however, is to make sure that the video is applicable to the target audience and that it will engage their attention. It is easy to upload videos, but it is more difficult to retain the attention of the viewers. Here are several YouTube videos that could be used for health education campaigns:

Rap about Hepatitis A prevention This video is appropriate to black neighborhoods since the rapper himself is Black American. I Got Flu Babe. This video features two puppets singing about flu and the importance of getting immunization. Applicable for kids.

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