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Thick smog hovers over the cities like a blanket waiting to suffocate whatever is within its reach. People pass each other on the streets with cold eyes and frowns instead of smiles. Crime, drugs, and violence are interwoven in the daily city routines. Feelings of despair, hopelessness, and fright permeate the air. Ten or twenty years from now, this could be the typical scene in society if today’s generation does not work for a better tomorrow. According to Dorothy Day, “No one has the right to sit down and feel hopeless. There’s too much to do.

” For my generation, the most essential part of the “work to do” is to build a brighter future for the generations to come. The fist step that must be taken is for everyone to work together to nurture and achieve this common goal. A brighter future can only exist to those who believe there is something better to come. One job that we must tackle is to instill a sense of hope and peace in all people so that they may live without fear. Fright or despair about the future must be eliminated. Our generation must keep active in both school and the local community.

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Education is the beginning of the long journey in which one learns to care for others and work together peacefully. Clubs, fund-raisers, and activities that have their core in school often reach beyond the school walls. Many times students volunteer their time to make food for a local homeless shelter and some even as far to serve this food themselves. Fund-raisers also provide blankets, clothing, and bare necessities for those less fortunate than we. Providing these services initiates good on both sides. Those in need are given hope that society still cares and that there can be a brighter future.

Our generation, in turn, gains a sense of self-satisfaction and value. Even though we are merely teenagers, our contributions have a great impact on society and the work we do brings everyone closer together. Aside from encouraging our generation to provide services and accomplish the “work to do”, school educates our generation with the knowledge needed to eliminate the downfalls of our world– drugs, alcohol, and violence. Programs such as D. A. R. E. and S. A. D. D. enable students to face the realities of life and put their knowledge to the test.

Being streetwise and being able to handle the pressures of everyday life without resorting to life threatening means is an important way of building a better future. The more resistant our generation is to drugs, alcohol, and violence, the greater the effort to eliminate them from our city streets. The future generations need a role model after which they must shape themselves. Our generation serves to be such a model if we lead productive and charitable lives. We must take a stand against the pitfalls of society and work to purify it for the future.

The last, most important piece of work that must be accomplished is to be good stewards of the earth. In order for there to be a brighter future, there must be an earth on which to live. Our generation, through knowledge gained from school, must reach out and make others aware of the conditions in our world. Pollution, global warming, and the depletion of the ozone layer all threaten the safety and health of present and future generations. Our generation must pattern their lives to conserve natural resources and be consciously aware of the environment through all their actions.

Things must get better, not worse. A brighter future consists of having a safe environment and our generation must ensure that it comes to pass. Working together as one is the best way to accomplish the “work to do. ” Our generation must build a brighter future and pave a path for younger generations to follow. Past, present, and future generations are all connected through the world we live in, the air we breathe, and the impact our work has on others. The future is in our hands and we must all work together for our common goals to make way for better days.

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