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After reading an old post from my blog, a friend, a father of two school-age children, he asked, “What is that of the liquid education Now we must teach children to swim?”

At first his question made ??me smile, but then I realized that maybe was not so far off …

Traditional education, which still prevails in most of our classrooms, all that gives our students is a float to avoid sinking into the deep sea of education.

It provides only a wooden board that keeps them afloat (like the shipwrecked pirate stories), but carried adrift at the mercy of winds and tides.

With this type of education, the future citizens of our society does not have the tools that should allow them to adapt to the constant changes in our world.

The new educational paradigm should teach our students how to swim. You must teach them to do it in different styles (front crawl, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke) so they can swim upstream, so they can go where they want and not where the current takes them.

These styles of swimming that we teach in our schools are the key (or basic) skills that will enable them to learn throughout life, to be allowed to direct their steps towards the goals proposed.

My friend was right: time educating these fluids is to teach swim in the choppy waters of these uncertain times.

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