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Healthcare is defined as the management of a person’s mental and physical well being through various services being offered by people coming from the medical, nursing, and allied health professions.

This involves the prevention and treatment of illnesses, as well as the appropriate care being given to people suffering from these illnesses. Healthcare can be considered as one of the most important aspects of the society, since it keeps them safe from ham caused by illnesses and other factors that threaten the people’s health.

Healthcare also became of the most controversial topic, because of certain issues being pinned to it, especially in the case of the healthcare in the United States of America. The situation of the healthcare in the United States is greatly affected by the number of people living in the country, both legally and illegally.

In the World Health Organization’s definition, healthcare is being considered as a promotion of health by embracing all the goods and services which are designed for it.

This includes the various types of interventions: preventive, curative and palliative. Because of this, various health care systems are designed in order to accommodate such organized provisions and services. It ranges from governmental organizations, to profit-oriented companies (pharmaceuticals, insurance,) to medical practitioners and professionals (physicians, registered nurses, etc.)

People with healthcare are able to benefit from the services of medical practitioners, as well as avail of affordable medicines. Because of this, they don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to medical matters.

This takes off a heavy burden from the shoulders of those who are suffering from the illness, since they will not have to worry about outrageous medical bills that they will have to face. Healthcare is available for the people, in order to make their lives easier especially when it comes to health.

But with the number of people availing the benefits of the healthcare system in the country, it is impossible not has any problems or complications with it. These problems are mainly based on the people availing of the benefits of the healthcare system (Blarney).

This is because not all people have access to the current healthcare system that others have. This has led to other serious issues all resulting from healthcare. The government attempts to resolve this through several steps which until now, keeps the healthcare situation of the country struggling.

Looking at the today’s society, we can see that the people are divided into two: the rich and the poor. Because of this difference, complications arise thus causing much more damage to the poor than that of the rich. Both the rich and the poor seek professional medical help when they feel that there is something wrong with them (Collins et al.).

However, since the rich has much more money than the poor, then the attention would mostly be directed towards them. The poor on the other hand, would have to beg in order to be taken in.

Since the poor has not much money as compared to the rich ones, then the only thing possible would be to have different prices between the poor and the rich. Usually, the rich ones pay more because they can afford to do so. However, despite the rich paying more for health services, it is still the poor losing much.

It is because the type of service that will be given to them will be different from the health services being given to the rich people. This is termed as price discrimination between the poor and the rich, wherein because the rich people pay more, they are the ones who get better service. And while the poor pays less, the more the services are jeopardized for them.

Price discrimination, or customer favoring, is a strategy being employed by how healthcare suppliers maximize their profits by charging depending on the person, where they have to charge differently between the rich and the poor (Blarney).

This depends on how much an individual is willing to pay for the service that they offer. This is possible because healthcare is not a transferable or storable service, like medical care, airline expenses and so much more that the providers pursue to profit from.

Another issue with the healthcare system is that it could lead to the poor people paying “more” than what the rich ones pay. Consider a rich man having an expensive operation but potentially saves him of other expenses that could follow afterwards, like continued medication, doctor’s fee, and more (The Washington Post). While he can afford to pay for the operation, his counterpart, the poor man, is unable to pay for the operation that’s why he would just opt for the long term medication. Since the operation could have prevented the illness permanently, he would have to spend more with medicines and other fees to keep the illness at a manageable level. Instead of paying at a one time operation, he would have to pay bigger with a long time medication.

Another issue being covered here is about the healthcare problem that is being faced by the older people right now. This is on the inadequate healthcare insurance coverage that people from 50-64 years old are having right now. Older adults have insurances which do not provide the necessary protection from medical spending and service costs for professionals.

There are about 6 percent of the insured older adults in working families who are known to be underinsured: they have healthcare insurances which do not really protect them from the high medical expenses as compared to their incomes (The Health Care Problems Archive “A Collection of Problems with the U. S. Health Care System”).

These numbers are still increasing, and more and more old workers are worrying about their situation in the current healthcare system of the country.

This is because of the lack of confidence that they have with the current system, as well as the lack of necessary government support in order to improve the policy options which could have saved them a lot when it comes to medical expenses.

One of the worries that these people have is about their low to moderate incomes (StarSpot Mediaworks). They are afraid that even though their income keeps them alive in terms of sustenance, it is not enough to take care of the bills if the need for medical help arises (The Health Care Problems Archive “Problems Seen by Patients”).

Because of this, older workers are forced to dig deeper into their pockets and even spend their family savings in order to afford these healthcare and healthcare insurance premiums. Because if this, their budget for the family is often altered, affecting their way of life and misappropriating their money which could have been used for children’s education and other equally important concerns.

The people who are in the suffering end with regards to healthcare are the self-employed older workers. More than half of the total older workers from 50-64 years of age, with individual coverage must be able to provide more than $3,600 on their healthcare insurance premiums every year, as compared to only 16% of the people who are working with an employer which takes care of the coverage.

About 75% of the total older working adults who has an individual coverage for their healthcare insurances are able to spend some 5% or higher of their total income for the year only on insurance premiums and medical expenses which they have to shoulder themselves (O’Brien).

If a person needs medical care or attention, it leaves the people powerless when it comes to the bargaining power with a certain hospital or medical institution. He has no choice but to pay for what is being charged to him, or else he would be left to die.

The price negotiation is impossible, even if at times it is very unreasonable and that it would surely hurt the patient’s pocket (Valenti). The solution to this is through a health insurance company, who possess a strong bargaining power with these medical institutions. They can either deny payment or ask for a change in the amount, since they are the ones who can cut the affiliation with a medical service provider.

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