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There is a conflict that arises between the need to protect public health while upholding the individual rights of the citizens.

The implementation of a public health plan is aimed to give adequate health protection to all people without regard to individuality. In this regard, there would be a general health plan that would be available for all citizens without distinction and this aid might be perceived as something that fails to address the individual needs of the people due to the general or uniform implementation thereof.

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Scarce health resources should be given to those who are terminally ill. People who are considered as having the worse medical condition should be given priority. In case of chronic illness, a middle ground should be established for the patient to maximize his expenses to treat his condition while being provided with programs or treatments that could improve his quality of life.

The use of expensive medical technologies should be limited in the sense that only those equipments that are really urgent and needed for use should be purchased. It must be remembered that taxes come from the people and these are hard earned money thus the use thereof in providing healthcare should not be abused.

Providers and insurers should not withhold any information from their clients in hopes of obtaining profit. The healthcare industry deals with the lives of the people and this gives these providers the moral obligation to bargain with their clients on an equal footing by being open and honest to the latter at every stage of the proceeding.

The young should not bear the responsibility alone of taking care of the elderly because this duty rests upon the government to ensure that all its citizens have sufficient health protection. The government has the primary duty to ensure that every citizen can run to it for help and this is especially true for those who belong to the marginalized sector. (Bigg, M. Healthcare Reform is Top U.S. Priority: Sebelius.)

The leaders of this country have the sworn duty to take care of its people and they should live up to this promise because the quality of life of its people reflects the kind of government that a country has.

Health care is now becoming more of a privilege than a right. People who can afford to pay receive better treatment than those who merely rely on state funded programs. (Koperski, M. The State of Primary Care in the United States of America and Lessons for Primary Care Groups in the United Kingdom)

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