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Stratford is a town that was founded in 1639. The town has preserved most of its architectural detail such a field stone foundation, partial dirt cellar, stone chimneys with brick beehive oven, oak post beam frames and clam shell plaster walls and ceilings.

The average household size in the town is 2.49. The town has many cultural attractions such as the Shakespeare Theatre and Boothe Memorial Park. There is a lot of open space with lots of trees and flower boxes.

Stratford is bordered by Bridgeport on the west, Shelton and Trumbull to the north and Milford to the east.

The common hang out in the town include bar, restaurants and the candy store. The main transportations include buses, cars and walking. Stratford is an hour’s drive away from New York City. Major highways such as route 8/25 and I-95 provide a way to conveniently access the Northeast corridor. There are excellent terminal and docking facilities for shipping at the harbor of the neighboring Bridgeport.

Stratford has several centers which include Brageport hospitalm, Sterling house, St Vincent’s medical center, Stratford Community Health Center, Stratford Connecticut Senior Services, and Stratford Denture Service Centers.

Sterling House is a multi service community center that is located at the heart of Stratford. It serves both the young and old, providing affordable social, educational and recreational activities aimed at providing promoting the healthy and positive development of the community members. It has various centers within it which include. There is also a Skin Care, Dermatologist and Dermatology in Stratford as well as a CT.

Community profile

Stratford does not have many people living in the street. From the census of 2000, Stratford had 49976 people with 19898 households and 13630 families. The population density is 2841.9 people per square mile (Stratford Community Health Profile).

The racial make up of the town is white people 84.76%, black people 9.79%, native American 1.40%, pacific islander 0.03% and 2.14% from other races. Latino’s of any race form about 6.8% of the population (Stratford Community Health Profile, 1999). The town has more than twenty five houses of worship which represent the numerous faiths present in the town.

The town operates under a mayor who is elected for a four year term. The town has a Town Council with ten members. The Town Council serves for a two year term. The Town Council and the Mayor enact policies by setting resolutions and ordinances. The town is served by Bridgeport’s daily Connecticut Post and the weekly Stratford Star.

Acute and chronic diseases, communicable diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness form the morbidity and health picture of the town. The aggregate group of the community that I will be working with is a small Haitian church.

The group receives many free healthcare services and social services. There are however many unmet health needs due to a lack of information, cultural barriers and a limited income. The aim of this community intervention is to improve access to health care and also to teach on the importance of having their children immunized.

On of the most prominent themes observed from the windshield survey was the problem of access to health services. It was found that there is only one community health center serving the entire Stratford population.

Additionally there was a very high percentage of people reporting that they frequently go out of Stratford for physician visits. Another finding in the survey and assessment of the community was that there is a need for community based primary prevention. The need for health education was stated many times.

Most of the community members, especially the mothers with children under five did not really understand the importance of immunization. Many members of the community also reported having sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits.

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