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“Join the ones who dare to care” is the nursing motto. While having to be quite intelligent, a nursing major must also have a caring and compassionate heart. These abilities work together to create efficient nurses, who not only treat their patient’s physical well being, but also facilitate a healing of emotional aspects. Therefore, nurses require knowledge in both art and science. Medicine is a highly skilled profession that calls for a great deal of responsibility.

Nurses are the ones who are always there, providing invaluable expertise as well as essential caring, support, and advice to those in need, their families, and other caregivers. These trained professionals assist doctors and specialists in virtually every area of medicine, and are needed in every region of the world. This major allows entrance into a number of various specialties and locations. Nursing is an important major because nurses must maintain a good sense of character and responsibility in a variety of environments while caring for their patients.

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In order to become a nurse, students are required to complete a two- to four-year program. A Hospital Diploma is obtainable in a two- to three-year hospital based program, which is usually affiliated with a junior college. An Associate Degree in Nursing consists of a two-year program offered at junior and community colleges as well as some hospital schools of nursing, colleges, and universities. The program I plan to pursue is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It is a four-year college or university program that offers the greatest opportunity for advancement.

It prepares one for leadership and management roles, and is required for entry into Masters or Doctoral programs. This nursing program is comprised of rigorous course work. The first year consists of specific prerequisite courses that develop communication skills and provide a broad pre-professional base in the social, physical, and biological sciences. Good communication skills, for example, allow a nurse to connect to a patient, understand certain personal feelings the patient may have, and comfort the patient.

The second year comprises an integrated health sciences course, a nursing foundations course, and a course in human development. The third year combines classroom and clinical education exposes students to the many facets of clinical work, such as adult health problems, newborns, and research. The fourth year focuses on more advanced clinical areas, like the care of individuals with mental health disorders, and involves a leadership internship. After graduation, one must also take the state board licensure examination to become a registered nurse (RN), or one could go on to graduate school to advance further in a professional practice.

This rigorous coursework and extensive dedication provides a window into understanding the importance of superior character in a nurse. Nurses must have the right qualities for this demanding job. Some qualities are such; caring, compassion, a strong desire and willingness to help those in need, patience, honesty, and above all good health. For example, nurses need strength for such duties as lifting patients to and from bathroom facilities. Through these characteristics nurses are able to convey true compassion towards patients and other individuals entering the health care setting.

Many good nurses do their job with great preciseness. There of course are always complaints of how nurses are not doing what they should be and a lack of care may also be noted. However, if those people took the time to see just how much these nurses are responsible for or the kind of stress they are under, they would be more understanding. Nurses work very hard and are on their feet for most of the day. Nursing is a very difficult career to pursue. Through an upstanding character, nurses are able to bear extremely large amounts of responsibility.

The work hours average forty hours a week, in addition to several shift hours. A hospital requires twenty-four hour responsibilities; so numerous nurses have to rotate to afternoon, midnight, or weekend shifts. For many, the daily chores and duties begin long before sunrise. For example, after receiving briefs and updates on hospital conditions, nurses must check the charts of their patients. These charts include crucial information about the administration of medicines and special notes from physicians. Mistakes in the administration of medicine can be fatal, so it is the responsibility of nurses to give precise dosages.

In addition to a patient’s physical well being, a nurse must also be able to recognize and aid their emotional distress as well. In the last few years, the field of nursing has displayed a heightened concern for this. Nursing allows for a special type of one-on-one contact that doctors cannot provide. Since nurses are in continual contact with patients, they develop a bond of trust. Frequently, patients look forward to the company of a nurse and the familiarity of his or her voice, because it creates a home-like situation.

Nurses are encouraged to create this situation through using a gentle touch, quiet voice, and flexible approach to care-giving services. They are also taught that family awareness is crucial. As nurses show compassion and understanding toward family members, they are able to gain the trust of not only the family, but also the patient. The importance of communication cannot be stressed enough. The overuse of cliches or advice, for example, can make patients feel like they are unable to communicate openly with their caregivers limiting the effectiveness of their treatment.

After a good sense of character and responsibility are established, the field of nursing can be lead to a variety of environments anywhere in the world. As people live longer and more diseases are treated, the need for nurses increases. Because the demand for nurses is so high everywhere, it is easy to find meaningful, challenging and rewarding jobs, from hospital practice to government service and from nursing to counseling to research. There is also a large selection of types of nurses, such as a bedside nurse, researcher, nurse practitioner, or educator.

One could choose to work exclusively with patients with different or special needs or those with specific diseases. There is also the possibility of using these skills all over the world as a traveling nurse. As people live longer there will always be a need for nurses and that need will only increase. With all of these options, nursing has no boundaries and allows great flexibility. Being a nurse means you are a highly educated professional. Some people may say, “Why be a nurse, when you could be a doctor? ” However, without nurses, doctors could not perform their tasks.

Although nurses are not trained in operating procedures, they still save many lives. Whether as an independent practitioner or as an integral part of the health care team, a nurse brings special expertise and abilities to patient care. Patients and nurses develop intimate relationships, consisting of trust and honesty. It is both an art and a science, which blends a scientific mind, technological know-how, and a compassionate heart. Through employing the use of both skill and compassion, nurses impact the lives of millions every day.

Nurses receive trust and confidence from both doctors and patients, and it is a well-respected career choice. Nurses are involved in an integral part of health care in the world. They make differences in people’s lives everywhere with their cutting edge knowledge and caring hearts. Its never-ending opportunities and rewards are the result of a good sense of character and responsibility, making nursing an important and worthwhile major. Become a nurse, and “join the ones who dare to care. ”

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