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Paragraph 1
It is an experience I will never forget, visiting the doctor’s office to get my eyes checked that inspired me to apply for the position of a secretary at Eyes for All Medical Center. I walked into the doctor’s office and was greeted by the secretary in such a professional manner. She was well poised, friendly tone, good listener and welcoming smile on her face. She assisted me with filling out the necessary forms, answering question which I had and was non- judgemental. After looking at the characteristics she exhibited while getting her job done, I realized that we both have the same characteristics and being involved in the area of customer service for the past six years I realized that the transition to a secretary in the Medical field is exactly what I needed. I then did some research online to verify what courses I needed to complete to become a certified secretary to work in a doctor’s office. I signed up for the courses and today here I am a certified secretary in the medical field. The common phrase; a healthy nation is a wealthy nation, is one of my favorite and working in the medical field will definitely give me the opportunity to make that phase a reality. Paragraph 2
Gemma my boss is looking for an Assistant Sales Manager and I know that you will be the perfect fit based on job experience in sales and the skills I have seen while visiting you at your previous job. My boss name is James Doe and the company which I am currently working for is: Clear Cut Incorporated. Below are the responsibilities of the Assistant Sales Manager:
* Meeting sales target of the organization through effective planning and budgeting
* Setting realistic goals
* Mapping potential customers and generating leads for the company
* Maintaining data and records for future reference
* Motivating team members to work as a single unit with a common goal.
Gemma you always met and exceeded your sales quota due to the way you communicated with the…

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