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Jimmy was a quiet boy. He never had too many friends and he kept to himself. Jimmy was not very outgoing and was always ridiculed because of his skinny small-framed body. He went to school each day only because his mother cared greatly for him. She wanted him to have the education she never had the opportunity to receive. She struggles fourteen-hour work days as a single mother to support Jimmy and his baby sister Samantha. Jimmy went to School as much as his body could take…

Jimmy went to public grade school in, California. Since he was one of the few skinny white boys, he got picked on and beat up almost everyday at break and lunch. Jimmy was always the “smart” one in the family or so his mother says. He was not a physical person because of his small-framed body. Little Jimmy had an amazing generous personality; he would share any of his possessions with just about anyone.

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Even his lunch money, but that was not something that he was willing to give up all the time because he was starting to feel and look malnourished. Jimmy was afraid to tell his Mother about the boys picking on him, especially Brett. He was the class bully and he ran their school. He probably made more money in one lunch than Jimmy’s struggling mother made in one day. Brett took money from all of the quiet and nerdy kids. He wasn’t a very strong boy, just tall and fat.

Helpless little Jimmy would not go to school on some days because he was afraid of being beaten up. He would cower in the bushes until he saw the school bus pull up at the end of the street and let off all the kids. And on the days Jimmy would go to school he would always manage to find his way home through the river of tears streaming down his face (From having being beaten up). One day Jimmy decided to give up. He told himself he was done with school and he would hide in the bushes everyday instead of going to school.

The second day into his new “Bush Life” (That is what he now calls it) he was rudely awakened by his visiting Grandfather. Jimmy was taken by surprise to see his Grandfather who lives in Los Angeles. Grandfather was not someone that Jimmy saw that much. Jimmy remembers hearing his mother say time and time again that Grandfather has never been the same since the War. Grandfather began interrogating little Jimmy on what he was doing in the bushes instead of being at school. He wanted to know immediately what was going on. This is when Jimmy began to tell him exactly what as happening in school and about how Brett beat him up everyday if he didn’t give him his lunch money.

The lessons began minutes later. Jimmy was a slow learner at physical activities but someday he was going to be able to fight and jab just like his Grandfather. His Grandfather was a small-framed man too, but he was able to move his body and take down the opponent within seconds. He taught Jimmy the basics. When he was done with the basics he started to playfully fight; yet still instructing Jimmy on his bad posture and forced him to keep his fist clenched tight. Jimmy was beginning to become the backyard warrior.

Grandfather was very proud of his accomplishments, after all it has been many years since he was a martial arts instructor in boot camp. Little Jimmy was starting to do damage to his grandfather partially because of his old age. But after these short few hours Little Jimmy was no longer Little Jimmy. He was starting to be more confident in himself and was even starting to worry that he was going to injury his once tough Grandfather.

Jimmy woke up early the next day and went to school. It was an exceptionally nice and fresh morning as he walked to school with his head raised high in the fresh morning air. He arrived to school a short while later to find out that the day before Brett’s parents pulled him out of school because his father got transferred to New Jersey. It was a great day for Jimmy and no violence was used.

From that day forward Jimmy showed respect to everyone. He knew that if he needed to defend himself he could. That was all the reassurance he needed. Jimmy soon grew to be very big and strong, it turns out that in the end the lunches that he missed were causing harm on his health. But everyday there on out nobody took Jimmy’s lunch.

After, Brett moved to New Jersey there was a boy that was much larger than him, his name happened to be James. He made Brett look small and puny. Today Jimmy is in high school and he’s captain of the wrestling team and believe it or not Brett is even on the wrestling team at his school. Every high school needs a towel boy…

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