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One aspect to consider in the thesis is the ease of reading, and this has much to do with the spacing of the text.

The importance of details in a thesis

The thesis or research papers tend to be quite rigid in the way they should be presented. The protocol must be respected because if the structural aspects are not as they should, theses may be rejected and prevent a student can graduate until you correct each aspect analyzed.

What spacing used in a thesis?

For the spacing in the thesis, (keeping in mind that the text is scanned into a computer) separation depends on the type of program, but in the case of Microsoft Word, the ideal spacing will be 1.5. However, in the case of the titles, tables, graphs and figures, it is best to use single spacing.

To choose these options, open the file in Word thesis and looking at the menu where “Page Layout” he says. You will see several options, such as margins, themes, page background, etc. Click on the icon next to the text that says “paragraph” (an icon on the right of this text, similar to an arrow). There will be several ways to choose, but we must pay attention where it says “spacing” in the section “spacing”. There we will see several options to choose from, including “Single”, “1.5 lines”, “multiple”, “minimum” and “accurate”. We choose “1.5 lines”.

This type of spacing serves to facilitate reading of the examiner , and to have a standard idea of the extent of the thesis, as if we print this spacing may know if any pages are many or few.

Space between paragraphs in a thesis

When you detach a paragraph, only make 1 “enter”; and when you go to separate paragraphs, leaves two lines (press twice “enter”).

If you only have one machine type and want to submit your thesis in this format, used as leading a double space. In this case, space for paragraphs would triple.

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