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Healthy Living At Its Best

            It is important to take care of one’s health because being in a good state, physically, mentally, or emotionally, contributes to a more positive outlook in life. People who are not suffering from any illnesses have lesser things to worry about and they have more time to do things in their lives without being too pessimistic. These are just some of the reasons why people need to plan a healthy kind of lifestyle. It would help their overall state, which can lead to them accomplishing more things in life, and have better relationships with the people around them.

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            A plan will never be complete without a goal, which is “a specific and measurable accomplishment to be achieved within a specific time and under specific cost constraints” (Rouillard 4). People need to know what they want to accomplish so that they do not get sidetracked by distractions along the way. Goals should also be clear, realistic, and specific with people keeping in mind what their purposes are in doing this. They can either be short term or long term depending on what the person wants to achieve in a certain period of time. An example of a short term goal is to be able to jog around a block three times a week, while a long term goal is to be able to quit smoking for the rest of a person’s life.

            To be able to live healthily, people should have no vices like smoking, drinking, or drug use because these things increase a person’s risk of developing serious diseases including cancer, internal organ problems, or mental health problems. People who quit their vices at an early stage in their lives have greater chances of recovering from their addictions and start anew in terms of their overall well being. People should remember that their addictions are all in the mind, and that these substances do not contribute anything good to their health, which is why they can always do without them.

            Another way to experience healthy living is to take in healthy foods and drinks only such as fruits and vegetables. “Healthy eating does not mean that you can never eat your favorite foods again.. Rather, it means learning to make healthier choices in the foods you eat, finding new or different ways to prepare these foods, and eating in moderation” (Lorig, Sobel, Laurent, ; Minor 177). People who have unhealthy eating habits tend to make bad decisions by overeating or binging on their favorite food products and eating less of the foods that can provide the nutrients needed by their bodies. While these unhealthy food products can satisfy a person’s hunger, they definitely do not contribute anything that is beneficial to the body. People who want to live healthily should “start using fresh, untreated foods, raw foods, and fresh juices, whose nutrients are more easily available to the body than packaged foods. We can help restore and reactivate our depressed immune systems and eliminate many toxins from our bodies” (Null 80).

            Healthy living also involves being healthy in the physical sense. This does not mean that a person needs to go to the gym religiously to work out because this would be difficult especially to those who have hectic schedules. People do not have to exercise heavily just to have a healthy lifestyle. However, they need to have some sort of a weekly routine to improve their physical state. They can jog or walk around the neighborhood three times a week to maintain good physical attributes and at the same time they can increase their lung and heart capacity this way.

            Mentally, people need to engage themselves with appropriate and sensible readings and texts so that they can practice critical thinking and exercise their minds. Watching television, surfing the Internet, or playing video games are not very significant sources of mental exercise. People can also improve their mental state by interacting with other people with whom they share their interests with. Good conversations can always boost one’s thinking skills.

            To maintain overall well being, people also need to have healthy relationships with the people that surrounds them. This is not limited to the comforts of their homes but should also be practiced in the workplace setting. A person cannot live peacefully knowing that there are those with whom he or she has grudges on or does not get along with. It is always better to live knowing that a person is not stepping on someone else’s shoes. Also, life is too short to have pent up emotions against other persons. It only takes up time and effort, which can be exhausting not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

            Lastly, people need to have the right attitude to live healthily. If they want to be healthy, they need to view this as something positive and not something as a burden or a task that they need to do just for the heck of it. They need to have discipline to accomplish their goals. Without this, they would not be able to help themselves to eat unhealthy foods. They would also have difficulty maintaining an exercise regimen if they do not have proper discipline. The most important thing they have to possess is determination to reach their goals. With the right determination and drive, nothing will be able to stop them from living healthy lives. If they are determined enough, they would not have problems quitting their vices and they would not make excuses just to put off quitting. These people know what is important to them and they also know what they really want in their lives.

            Living healthy may seem hard at first because people have gotten used to their everyday routines of eating fast food, having drinks after work, or watching television all day. However, if they put their minds to it, no matter how many years they have gotten used to their previous lifestyle, they would not have difficulties changing their ways. Having a healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial to the person involved but also to his or her loved ones who only want the best things for him or her.

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