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The following paper gives the status of the current scenario of healthcare system in United States. The paper will contain an analysis of the conditions of the healthcare system that US had in the earlier days and what is it now. The paper is purely based on facts and contains reviews about the system. On an overall comparison with other major states which are assumed to have a large population of inhabitants, US come on the third number with an approximately 300 million populace.

Healthcare system of United States:

America is in the middle of a health care calamity. Many American citizens do not have health insurance and have no means of attaining it. Health insurance should be made affordable for all populace of the United States. This is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet we lack the basic necessities that people in other countries provide to their citizens.

The government needs to get off their behinds and quit talking about a universal health care plan and start putting one in action. The amount of American citizens that do not have health insurance is staggering.

There are over nine million children in the United States that have no insurance. (Victoria Colliver, 2004) Parents either have jobs where the insurance has been cut due to costs, or the insurance that is offered is too much for them to pay. In order for our children to grow up healthy and fit, we need to make sure that they have access to doctors.

In addition to the nine million children that lack health insurance, there are over 46 million adults without health insurance. (Obama, 2007) The reasons for this lack of insurance are again, either their work place has cut out the benefit packages they offered in the past, or the parents just can not afford it. A person should not have to choose between insuring their family, and paying their mortgage.

While many Americans will use the emergency room as a regular doctor, there are those who will wait until whatever is wrong with them gets so bad, they end up in the hospital for lengthy stays. Some of these citizens will even die. This could possibly be prevented if these people had insurance and could get to a primary care doctor.

We have people who survive cancer because it was caught in time to treat it, but we have even more people who are dying from the same forms of cancer because they lacked the insurance to go to a doctor and have their ailments caught in time. It does not seem fair that a person will die because they could not afford treatment. There is no reason for this to happen in this country.

Real Life Scenarios:

While investigating the need for a universal health care plan, my aunt stated that she was unable to keep her job due to her diabetes. Once her job was lost, she also lost her health insurance, and her husband’s job does not proffer insurance.

Now they can not afford the medication she needs in order to control her diabetes, and hence, she may loose her foot due to complications from her condition. My aunt has tried to get government assistance, but according to the guidelines, her family makes too much money. She is in support of a widespread health care structure.

One of my colleagues also thinks there should be some form of health care. Her late husband had bladder cancer. She did not know that her husband had cancer because they could not afford the doctors cost and they had no insurance. Once he reached the age to qualify for Medicare, the cancer had spread and it was inoperable. Her husband passed away six months subsequent to the diagnosis.

My colleague believes that her husband may have had a fighting chance had he been able to go to the doctor before Medicare kicked in. “According to the Institute of Medicine, 18,000 people in the United States die every year from a lack of health insurance that equals approximately two people per hour dying.” (Ceci Connolly, 2004).

America could possibly wipe out many of the communicable diseases that are out there if health insurance were provided to all citizens. If you look in years past where children were dying from ailments such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, and you look at the number of them dying from those diseases today, you will see the number is very low.

The reason for this is children in the United States all have access to either free or reduced cost immunizations. By providing these shots, the quality of life has gotten better for children. If all citizens ha access to insurance we could possibly wipe out sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and hepatitis. People would be able to see physicians and would be able to be treated with proper medications and lessen the risk of carrying around a disease and infecting others.

The Good and the Bad:

There are other countries that have some type of universal health insurance for their people. “Germany came in first for universal health insurance among 14 industrialized nations” (Donald Berwick, 2006). Canada is another country that has a universal health plan. If these countries can provide insurance to their citizens, there is no reason why America can not do the same.

According to Holly Dressel, “America has been the control subject for other countries for over 30 years” (2006). It seems that some of the countries that provide some form of insurance to their citizens have been watching the United States and the errors that we have made with our medical practices, or lack of them. (Holly Dressel, 2006).

While we have made mistakes in not insuring our own people, it is not too late to fix the problem. We as citizens need to demand that insurance be made available to all of our citizens.

What Works and What Does Not?

While the majority of Americans believe that there should be some form of universal health coverage, there are those who think it will not work. By having a universal health system, we will lose the ability to choose or doctors, and we will lose the ability to choose the hospitals that we are treated at. Also, by having universal health care, citizens may not get treated for diseases.

If America goes to a universal health care system, we will not be able to get the tests done that we can now with our own insurance because the government will have control over who gets what test and who can receive an operation. American citizens want the government to have less control over them and by letting them provide the insurance we are giving them control over us and our bodies.

If the people who have no insurance took better care of themselves, they would not have so many health care issues. The majority of people with no insurance is uneducated and eats poorly and do not take care of them in general. This should not have to be paid for by the educated and insured. If those without insurance want it, they should go back to school, get a better job, and take steps to maintain their health (Holly Dressel, 2006).

In addition to saving money, and not letting the drug companies rule us, a universal health care system is a good thing because people could become more informed about issues such as childhood obesity. Parents could help their children eat better if they were able to afford to take them to the pediatrician throughout their childhood.

These doctors would be monitoring the kids and be able to see a significant weight gain, and educate the parents on what to do to get the kids back to a healthy weight. Kids today are much heavier than kids of ten years ago.

This is going to cause major health issues in these kids’ lives, if not now, in the future. High weight leads to heart disease, stroke and many other health ailments. Some kids are heavy due to thyroid diseases which are going untreated due to lack of insurance. These kids could be helped if they had access to doctors.

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