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Ms Lenny Jose is the Executive Director of St. John’s Nursing Home, a private elderly home just south of New York City. She is a registered nurse with a Master’s Degree on . She is managing the nursing home for the last five years.

According to an interview, Ms Jose is involved on almost all of the major decisions on management and implementations of changes within the nursing home. As the Executive Director, she has various tasks she divided on three major distributions; ensuring the patients’ remarkable feedbacks on the institution; ensuring the positive remarks of her own employees; maintaining the financial aspect of the institution stable.

On these three major roles she is ensuring everyday for the last five years, she said she already enhanced and developed her leadership skills and qualities for the betterment of the institution.

As the head of the institution, she maintains a high and good rapport among her patients, their families and the institution’s employees. This is one of the important qualities a healthcare manager should possess, Ms Jose stressed during the interview.

The manager should also have a skill of mediating between misunderstandings of people within the institution. She can also persuade others to a more productive and beneficial attitude for that particular person and for the institution. These qualities should be acquired by future or present healthcare managers. These leadership qualities will not only put the institution on a positive and stable stature but also will boost the manager’s leadership standing among other people, especially its subordinates.

However, Ms. Jose admitted that she himself has weaknesses that sometimes affect her decisions and management of the institution. When her own special child is in seizure or experiencing other side effects of his medications, Ms Jose tends to be rattled and in always discomfort. Sometimes, during in an important meeting, upon knowing that her child was rushed to the hospital, she was already inattentive to the meeting and cannot concentrate anymore.

Because of this, she tends to swiftly decides on things that later on is not the best decision. Yet, Ms Jose said that other weaknesses of healthcare managers like her should not be deterrence for improving the institution they belong. Their weaknesses should be improved and if not eliminated.

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