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Healthcare is a field that requires a lot of work in policy formulation and program planning and implementation in order to succeed. Currently, healthcare services in the country are in a sad state.

The number of uninsured members of the population continues to increase, and with this increase comes a corresponding decline in the quality of health care received by citizens and their health status (U. S. Census Bureau, the Official Statistics, 1998).

The government, being the one primarily responsible for providing health care coverage to its citizens, performs its duty by formulating policies, enacting legislation, and implementing programs designed to provide quality healthcare services to the people.

The government ensures the delivery of quality healthcare services through the formulation of policies that deal with every aspect of the complex healthcare system, which includes the provision of healthcare insurance, healthcare regulation, and professionalization of healthcare workers (Mason & Leavitt, 2006).

Given the federal form of government of the United States, the government plays its role in the administration of healthcare through its different branches. One of the most relevant branches in this aspect is the executive department, headed by the president, which makes relevant policies and delegates its implementation to its numerous agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services, which aims to protect the health of Americans (Mason & Leavitt, 2006).

More importantly, positive changes in healthcare are effected through budgetary allotments decided by the President and the legislative arm of government, and budget plays a major role in ensuring the success of any healthcare policy (Barr, 2002).


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