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Over the last decade, health has turned out to be a major factor in determining the overall progress of the country.  This has possibly been due to the changing patterns of lifestyles and modernistic consumerism that dictates the general health of the people.

David (2009) points out that the present inculcation of Globalization demands superimposed on the fast changing social institutions has led to the vast mental problems at all levels of the society. Indeed, the problems are highly complex as the causative baseline factors are highly integrative.

Recent research indicates that the ability to effect better patient health care lies in the urgency to provide psychiatry services as the main platform for progress.  It is from this consideration that ABC hospital [imaginary] needs to establish a Psychiatry division aimed at enhancing shorter hospitalization and improved medical regimens.

To effectively address the highly divergent problems in the region served by ABC hospital, five psychologists are required as a major consideration in addressing the present wanting situation as well as maintaining the achieved status quo after improvements.  The following are the respective titles and duties for the different psychiatric positions.

2) Substance abuse counselor

i) Collaborate with local schools

Substance abuse counselor is one of the most important psychologists that the hospital will need to achieve the different objectives. Collaboration with the local schools’ duty is best allocated to this psychologist due to the skills and ability to address the affected youths and teens mainly in school. Majority of schools in US have high rates of prescriptive and hard drug abuse by the students.

Though some of the drugs use like heroine has declined since early 1990s, others like marijuana have seen a direct upsurge in supply and consumption.  About 61% of the students in US believe that marijuana should be legalized (David, 2009).  In addition, there has been an increase in abuse of prescription drugs by the school students under.

ii) Coordinate recovery programs in conjunction with the social workers for substance abuse

Substance abuse counselor should also coordinate various recovery programs for substance abusers.  Though it appears to be too much of the work load, the psychologist will be able to deliver the results with the assistance of social health workers. Substance abuse recovery demands a clear follow up as supportive services to ensure faster and effective recovery of the patients.

Substance abuse officer will provide the necessary guidelines, materials, and all the information required by the different schools in addressing the problem of substance abuse.  This will be inclusive of seminars and even personal counseling to the severe cases.  It will also be his responsibility to establish the necessary follow up as well as assessing the trends in substance abuse with time to determine the progress and efficiency of the services.

David (2009) points out that the ability to reduce hospitalization rates is actually based on how well the patients can be able to follow different prescriptions effectively.  It is from this consideration that the cooperation with the local social worker for the recovering substance abusers will more patients be able to follow their prescriptions from home as opposed to hospitalization.

To add to that, coordination with schools will reduce the overall drug abuse and subsequent need for medication among the youths.  It is clear that to a less extent, this job overlaps with that of an outpatient only psychologists in that the later is mandated to follow up the different recovery systems of the patients after release, a niche which could at times fall under the jurisdiction of the former.  However, the overlap is minimal in that the former will be mainly based on schools while the later is general.

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