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Th? H??lth B?l??f M?d?l (HBM) ?s ? psych?l?g?c?l m?d?l th?t ?tt?mpts t? ?xpl??n ?nd pr?d?ct h??lth b?h?v??urs by f?cus?ng ?n th? ?tt?tud?s ?nd b?l??fs ?f ?nd?v?du?ls.

Th? HBM w?s d?v?l?p?d ?n th? 1950s ?s p?rt ?f ?n ?ff?rt by s?c??l psych?l?g?sts ?n th? Un?t?d St?t?s Publ?c H??lth S?rv?c? t? ?xpl??n th? l?ck ?f publ?c p?rt?c?p?t??n ?n h??lth scr??n?ng ?nd pr?v?nt??n pr?gr?mm?s (?.g., ? fr?? ?nd c?nv?n??ntly l?c?t?d tub?rcul?s?s scr??n?ng pr?j?ct).

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S?nc? th?n, th? HBM h?s b??n ?d?pt?d t? ?xpl?r? ? v?r??ty ?f l?ng- ?nd sh?rt-t?rm h??lth b?h?v??urs, ?nclud?ng s?xu?l r?sk b?h?v??urs ?nd th? tr?nsm?ss??n ?f H?V/??DS. Th?s ?ss?y ?s g??ng t? ?n?lyz? k?y v?r??bl?s ?f th? HBM ?n tr??t?ng ? p?t??nt wh? ??ms t? l?s? w??ght.

P?rc??v?d Thr??t, wh?ch c?ns?sts ?f tw? p?rts: p?rc??v?d susc?pt?b?l?ty ?nd p?rc??v?d s?v?r?ty ?f ? h??lth c?nd?t??n. Th? p?t??nt n??ds t? b? ?w?r? ?f ?xc?ss?v? w??ght b??ng ? d?s??s?.

P?rc??v?d Susc?pt?b?l?ty: ?n?’s subj?ct?v? p?rc?pt??n ?f th? r?sk ?f c?ntr?ct?ng ? h??lth c?nd?t??n. Th? p?t??nt must und?rst?nd th? f?ct?rs c?ntr?but?ng t? h?gh?r r?sk ?f ?b?s?ty.

P?rc??v?d S?v?r?ty: F??l?ngs c?nc?rn?ng th? s?r??usn?ss ?f c?ntr?ct?ng ?n ?lln?ss ?r ?f l??v?ng ?t untr??t?d (?nclud?ng ?v?lu?t??ns ?f b?th m?d?c?l ?nd cl?n?c?l c?ns?qu?nc?s ?nd p?ss?bl? s?c??l c?ns?qu?nc?s). Th? p?t??nt sh?uld b? ?nf?rm?d ?b?ut p?ss?bl? c?ns?qu?nc?s ?f ?b?s?ty ?nd th? s?v?r?ty ?f h?s ?r h?r d?s??s?.

P?rc??v?d B?n?f?ts: Th? b?l??v?d ?ff?ct?v?n?ss ?f str?t?g??s d?s?gn?d t? r?duc? th? thr??t ?f ?lln?ss. Th? p?t??nt sh?uld s?nc?r?ly b?l??v? ?n th? ?ff?ct?v?n?ss ?f d??ts ?nd phys?c?l ?ct?v?ty pr?scr?b?d.

P?rc??v?d B?rr??rs: Th? p?t?nt??l n?g?t?v? c?ns?qu?nc?s th?t m?y r?sult fr?m t?k?ng p?rt?cul?r h??lth ?ct??ns, ?nclud?ng phys?c?l, psych?l?g?c?l, ?nd f?n?nc??l d?m?nds. Wh?n c?mb?t?ng w??ght l?ss, th? p?t??nt c?mp?l?s h?s ?r h?r ?wn h??lth pl?n ?nclud?ng ?ll b?n?f?ts ?nd c?sts ?f th?s l?ngthy pr?c?ss.

 Cu?s t? ?ct??n: ?v?nts, ??th?r b?d?ly (?.g., phys?c?l sympt?ms ?f ? h??lth c?nd?t??n) ?r ?nv?r?nm?nt?l (?.g., m?d?? publ?c?ty) th?t m?t?v?t? p??pl? t? t?k? ?ct??n. “Cu?s t? ?ct??ns” ?s ?n ?sp?ct ?f th? HBM th?t h?s n?t b??n syst?m?t?c?lly stud??d. H?r? th? d?scuss??n w?th ?n ?b?s? p?rs?n sh?uld t?k? pl?c? – wh?t w?r? th? s?gn?ls th?t m?t?v?t?d h?m ?r h?r t? g? t? th? d?ct?r.

?th?r V?r??bl?s: D?v?rs? d?m?gr?ph?c, s?c??psych?l?g?c?l, ?nd structur?l v?r??bl?s th?t ?ff?ct ?n ?nd?v?du?l’s p?rc?pt??ns ?nd thus ?nd?r?ctly ?nflu?nc? h??lth-r?l?t?d b?h?v??r. Th?s ?s ? h?ghly p?rs?n?l ?sp?ct v?ry?ng fr?m p?t??nt t? p?t??nt.

S?lf-?ff?c?cy: Th? b?l??f ?n b??ng ?bl? t? succ?ssfully ?x?cut? th? b?h?v??ur r?qu?r?d t? pr?duc? th? d?s?r?d ?utc?m?s. Th?s ?s pr?b?bly th? m?st ?mp?rt?nt ?sp?ct – th? p?t??nt sh?uld b?l??v? th?t h? ?r sh? ?s ?bl? t? g?t r?d ?f ?b?s?ty.

?n phys?c?l th?r?py, th? ?tt?tud?s ?f h??lth ?duc?t?rs t?w?rd h??lth ?nd h??lth c?r? ?r? ?mp?rt?nt t? th? d?l?v?ry ?f ? h?gh qu?l?ty ?f m?d?c?l c?r?. ?n th? ?r?? ?f h??lth pr?m?t??n ?nd d?s??s? pr?v?nt??n, phys?c?l th?r?p?sts’ pr?m?ry g??l ?s ? ch?ng? ?n p?t??nts’ b?h?v??rs. Th? ?cqu?s?t??n ?nd d?ss?m?n?t??n ?f kn?wl?dg? ?s ?mp?rt?nt. Th? ?b?l?ty t? d?ss?m?n?t? kn?wl?dg? ?nd ?nflu?nc? p?t??nts’ ?tt?tud? ?nd b?h?v??r ch?ng? d?p?nds ?n b?th th? phys?c?l th?r?p?st’s b?l??fs ?nd b?h?v??rs.

?f p?t??nts ?r? t? ?ch??v? ?pt?m?l l?v?ls ?f funct??n, phys?c?l th?r?p?sts sh?uld ?x?m?n? th? su?t?b?l?ty ?f th??r ?tt?tud?s, ?pp??r?nc?s, ?nd b?h?v??rs ?n ?l?c?t?ng d?s?r?bl? ?utc?m?s. Phys?c?l th?r?p?sts must pr?s?nt ?tt?tud?s ?nd b?h?v??rs th?t d?m?nstr?t? p?s?t?v? h??lth h?b?ts ?f th?y ?r? t? s?rv? ?s g??d r?l? m?d?ls f?r th??r p?t??nts.


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