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According to Faith G. Delaney’s article, “Nursing and Heath Promotion: Conceptual Concerns,” health promotion is the process of helping people achieve a change in their lifestyle in order for them to attain a certain state of optimal health.  It is the state of balance of important aspects in a person’s life.

These aspects include physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health. A change in a person’s lifestyle can be brought about by combining various efforts in order to augment their knowledge and awareness.

This includes a change in the person’s behavior and creating a suitable environment in order to uphold good health practices. Health Promotion is seen by some as a tool that is powerful, cost-effective and efficient when it comes to matters like maintaining a community that is healthy (Delaney, 1994).

Health Promotion Models

Health promotion can be seen through various models. One approach is the preventive approach to health promotion, where it is composed of three main stages. The first one is the primary. This tackles the prevention of certain diseases and illnesses which are being developed in individuals. Its main aim is the prevention of having bad or ill-health, so that the person could live a better life.

This aspect includes proper vaccination, immunization and prevention of smoking, in order to live a healthy life. The next one, secondary, is concerned with increasing the rate of early identification and distinguishing services like breast screening and treating these diseases after they are discovered.

The last one is the tertiary, which is concerned with the effective response of the patients with certain conditions of no definite cure. With this certain model, health promotion as a medical concern can be easily interpreted and identified by pharmacists and medical practitioners like nurses.

Purpose of health promotion in nursing

Nursing aims to use the clinical judgment they have acquired in order to provide the needs of their patients to maintain well being and have a good physical condition. Nursing sees the improvement, maintenance or recovery of health, coping with certain health problems, and achieving the best quality of life as much as possible, regardless of the patients’ disability, incapacity or disease, even until death.

Health promotion is basically the nurses’ guidelines on how they will go about their job, how they will treat certain patients, depending on the situations and circumstances. Health promotion is the main purpose of nursing.

It is a defining characteristic of nursing – to promote health, induce healing, growth and the development of a person. Health promotion encompasses various aspects including the prevention of disease, certain illnesses, disorders and disabilities.

If ever the patients do get the disease, nursing, and health promotion, seek to minimize the effect of these diseases, the sufferings and discomforts it bring. It also enables the people, the patients to understand and handle whatever disease, disorder or disability they have.

Health promotion provides the patients the necessary assistance in order for them to manage a life with the disease or ailment they have, so that they can still live life a little better, with or without the disease that they have. It aims to lessen the burden that they carry, lessening the load on their backs.

With nursing and health promotion, even if the death is unavoidable for a certain patient, they still do their best so that the patient will be able to live a life that is devoid of suffering and pain as much as possible. Nursing and health promotion helps dying patients live the remainder of their lives to the fullest.

Nursing implementation of health promotion

In all the fields of nursing, health promotion is being observed. It is a guideline that they follow, that at all times; they should ensure health promotion in their patients.

Health promotion starts from the patients’ awareness. Nurses are instruments of disseminating information to the people. They are the ones responsible for informing the patients about a certain disease or disorder, a new drug, what measures to take to avoid an illness and many more.

Nurses are also the ones responsible for treating patients who have contracted diseases. Health promotion in nursing comes into practice by being able to give medications, to be able to give first-hand care of people who are ill or have any disabilities and disorders. Nurses provide health care and promotion for patients who are currently experiencing health problems. Their aim is to alleviate them from their present situation in life.

Nurses are also responsible in seeing to it that the patients they are handling are well taken care of. They maintain the well being of these patients in order for them to get well as soon as possible and recover from the disease or disorder that they have at the moment. The recovery rate depends on how well the nurses take care of them, as a part of health promotion that they are practicing.

Even for patients who have terminal illness, nurses are still required to follow health promotion. These people, even though they are dying, needs to be taken care of also. Their needs are essential, which need to be met immediately, since their lives are not that long anymore.


Delaney, F. G. (1994). Nursing and health promotion: conceptual concerns. Journal of Advanced Nursing, Volume 20(Issue 5), Page 828.

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