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Current procedural Technology(CPT) is a standard universal code applied to all medical procedures  and services  for the purpose of the patients’s records.They are numbers assigned to every task and service performed by every doctor to a patient including, medical,surgical and diagnostic services.

They are used by every party involved in patient care fro practioners to insurance and medicare. Similar codes are used to mean the same the same thing to ensure uiformity

 In America, CPT codes are developed and maintained and copyrighted by the American Medical Association. Incase of changes new codes are developed  for the new changes . Current codes are too revised from time to time and old and irrelevant codes are discarded.

Development of the codes is done by the editorial boards of AMA and publication of all software , books and manuals  needed by those who use them  brings an estimated  $70 million in income to the Ameican medical association each year.

Knowledge of CPT  can be put in use in all medical offices ; Records biiling office, Hospital records depatment and Health insurance companies.

The U.S department of labour anticipates that careers in medical information technology including CPT coding are expected to grow by 50% by the year 2010 making the field one of the fast growing job market  at present. It also facilitates smooth paying of insurance companies, with proper CPT coding less insurance claims are denied.



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