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Health information deals with solving problems, which concern the processing of data and representation, knowledge and information. Whereas technology is just an activity of man. In this case computers and technology are used as the tools.

Most of these, if not all, problems in this case of a large regional medical center can be solved though proper use of technology, that is they are technological in nature. And so the first department to ensure is efficient and performs better is the department of information and technology before even looking at the credentials of the members of technical advisory committee (Woltson, 1994).

Health information in itself has been affected by globalization of the economy, innovative breakthroughs and advancement of technology. The first case of globalization of the economy has made it such that some of the computers used are of poor quality which do not meet the expectation of the consumers(s) leading to such problems as the ones the medical center in question faces

The Board of Directors therefore has to ensure that it has computers of better quality. This can only be achieved if the boards itself is really compentent. Another department in question is that of medical laboratory department. Which must also be really competent and efficient. Any error in these cases will lead to repetition of the problems affecting the hospital or medical center.

Although even the problem of rising costs of the technological devices needed for the health center may lead to another problem of financial management in nature, it should not be treated as the only major problem.

The Board of Directors of the medical center in question have to ensure therefore that they have the best financial department possible, with qualified and efficient accountants so that it may not experience any problem in this department leading to more problems which the medical centers has already faced.

More so the board of directors has to ensure that it employs the best nurses possible in the medical center so that it does not experience even some problems of incompetence.

Such problems may arise if there is favoritism in employing the nurses and it should not just stop there; it should ensure that it employs competent and qualified medical staff and a whole with better doctors as well.

This is important since sometimes the problem may be due to the incompetence of the medical staff and not the technology as the technologists. When this problem is solved the problem of incorrectly medicated patients may not arise. And also that of errors in records may not arise (Woltson,1994).

Whereas qualified technologists ensure a proper and accessible information system. But a poorly qualified technologist will ensure poorly accessible information system and will always give a poor and bad name to the medical center.

For instance, any misplaced laboratory results gives a bad name to the hospital, and the medical staff as well. Even delays in updating of the patients charts is a sign of incompetence, as such it should be solved urgently.

Some of these problems being faced today, they are also problems and challenges of the 1930s.And so the medical center should not give up on its approach in solving these problems.

They may still recur but should not mean that they should give up in their attempts to solve them.

And normally problems come in different forms and at anytime; there are problems due to demographic changes, aging population and free market. The first two are related as such they are serious when the pattern increases and the third problem comes when the possible competition from other hospitals becomes too much (Lieberman, 1992).

At John Hopkins Hospital, in America, it is a medical center which is free of most of the a aforementioned problems. It is one of the leading hospitals in the region. It has competent physicians and nurses, competent technologists and also competent subordinates. Work runs so smoothly here. The information system is easily accessible and is efficient and everything else is in place. Borrow a leaf from this hospital.

In our particular case, we can also try to inform and have electronic patient records. In this case we shall be forced to employ and I must stress that the whole staff must be competent enough to manage this system especially the information and technology department. If the Board of Directors makes a mistake in this area, then it will live to regret it. The management must try to be as perfect as possible.

Another case is that of Shrinners Hospital for children, also in United States. The staff is very qualified and competent, and it does not experience most f these problems that our medical center in question experiences.

Another better hospital is International Hospital also in America. It is a very efficient hospital with all its management in place. Also another case is that of Chicago hospital also in America, it is a hospital with a difference.

Our medical center in question should try to ensure its professionals who should be highly qualified are well placed to access this information system any time, anywhere. The demands of the consumers (patients) should be met as much as is possible; for the staff to meet them information in the medical staff should always flow freely. This is the work o the management to ensure that. And the medical center will not struggle or face the on going problems any more. (Rees, 2003,)

At this point in time the management should ensure it is equipped with the necessary solution or information to the on going problem and also another thing would like to encourage the management to do is to ensure that these problems do not come again. As such should do away with them as much as is possible.

This can also be achieved if the whole level of nursing assistants is overhauled and replaced with a more hardworking and competent staff and also the laboratory technicians should be replaced as well since they are the ones concerned with the laboratory and radiology orders. Once we do away with them and replace them with a more competent staff everything will run smoothly (Street, Gold, Manning, 1997).

What the management should also do is to make sure they fund researchers so that the same of those ongoing problems in the medical center are easily solved with the availability of ready solutions to the problems.

The board of directors should also ensure that the whole hospital is running smoothly, in this sense it should make it better or overhauled the whole staff inn question and replace it with a more qualified competent and efficient staff.

What is paramount for the management is to consider the department of emergencies, this is really important since this is a very important area. Once this area stops functioning the all is lost for the medical center. However they should not take the current problems they are facing as an excuse of not doing anything about this important area (Rees,2003)

The management ought to wake up and do everything according to the recovery plan(s).

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