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Evaluation is the integral element of any health education. Numerous evaluation methods have been designed to make health education programs more effective. Several reasons justify the use of evaluation approaches in health education:

1.evaluation provides health educators with reliable community information;

2.evaluation improves the process of any program implementation;

3.evaluation provides health educational programs with community support;

4.evaluation promotes better accountability of health educational programs (Capwell, Butterfloss, & Francisco, 2000).

The goal for the program I have been developing was to eliminate and reduce the number of diabetic cases on African-American men and women ages 20-40 in Smithville County while at the same time educating and providing knowledge among the African-American population in the said community on preventing the disease thereby improving their health and prolonging their lifespan.

 In the formative evaluation of this program we will ask:

-Have we targeted sufficient number of African-American men and women in the said community?

-Have we provided participants with the clear and understandable health information?

-Have we effectively used our resources?

In the impact evaluation of this program we will ask:

-Are more people aware of causes and consequences of diabetes?

– How many African-American participants have changed their lifestyle to prevent diabetes?

In the summative evaluation of this program we will ask:

-How much has the incidence of diabetes among African-American men and women of Smithville County decreased?


Capwell, E., Butterfloss, F. & Francisco, T. (2000). Why evaluate? Health Promot Pract., 1

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