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Healthcare communication can be affected and perceived in divergent ways. Some of the ways comprise of the roles of the patient, perspectives of the health practitioners, cultural beliefs and views, body language, environmental factors, time restraints, job parameters, levels of burnout and stress and others.

What would really happen if the care providers failed to integrate the patient’s cultural, personal and other crucial preferences? Would such a scenario result to the patients refusing to seek services that they need? Would there be a likelihood of an incorrect diagnosis?

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These issues are already in existence today despite the fact that most health providers are usually proficient in accommodating and acknowledging religious and cultural differences that do relate to health care. In today’s, medical field the medical practitioners do take divergent approaches to bridge the barriers to understanding and communication that do stem from linguistic, cultural, racial as well as ethnic differences.

Communication which is usually the acts of both nonverbal and verbal means is not only based on the words that do come from people’s mouth but also the approach to which they are used in. Communication should be based on conquering personal goals that are set by the care providers, friends, patients’ family and the patient.

Patients are usually interactors in their hospital visits and their perceptions on coordinated care are usually affected by the communication patterns among the health professionals (Beaudin, Lammers & Pedroja. 1999. pp. 331).

Effectual health communication help in raising awareness of the solutions and health risks, offer skills and the motivation that is required and reinforce attitudes. Effective communication between the health provider and the patient goes a long way in determining the outcome as shown in the case study below.

The case scenario

In this case, Vivian had been suffering from some abdominal pains but did not seek for medical attention earlier hence decides to seek for it when she acquires the proper insurance.

When she receives the insurance she goes ahead to seek for an appointment with a doctor where she gets into a room which is gray and only holds some few chairs and a note on the wall  that state “ turn off cell phones” and “have a co-pay ready”. When she arrives at the doctor’s office Vivian is anxious in expressing her need for treatment to the assistant but to her disguise she is met by a person who only interrupts her when she is communicating and then another patient is called.

When she goes back to the examining room, she is then met by a doctor who asks her questions in a hurry which are only medically related. The doctor then prescribes some medication and stipulates that she might be having ulcers and instruct her to set an appointment for the ultrasound. The doctor then wakes and when he is almost at the door asks whether Vivian has more questions and she responds that she has none.

Case analysis (key player perspectives)

Caregiver and the medical assistant

It is patent that Vivian was met with the most ineffective poor health communication strategies. The medical assistant did not only use the block technique but made sure that Vivian felt more uneasy. He used a blocking and interruptive style in order to avoid the emotional disclosure of the patient.

This acted as the major mishap to her unwillingness in being assertive during the medical examination. The medical assistant acted unprofessional and she was so much in a hurry to get other patients done because of the time constraint factor.

She should have used a more concerned and friendly approach in order to make the patient feel at ease. This scenario portrays a recommendable overview of how some factors like blocking and ignoring the patient’s emotional factors result to poor communication.

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