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Health care is an important aspect for every body and how it is managed has to be for the betterment of the society. Health care management thus means how the health facilities which include the hospitals, doctors nursing staff and the patients are handled pertaining health aspect.

This paper will be reviewing the MinuteClinic health article on the topic health care management. Which will be in a position to enable me know more about the effects of a better health management on any health organization and also learn more about what the administrator need to do to enhance a better management plan.


From the MinuteClinic article that is written basing on the qualified medical practitioners, we find that to make any choice of improving any management progress in any health organization the health administrator must first of all consider the existing health plans, where he can define what they are and how they come about.

According to the article a managed health care can be utilized as a market answer to inefficient misuses of the earlier period, which lead to a high rise in medical costs in a poorly managed system. Initially health insurance companies offered medical covers but it was not well structured.

The lack of proper structured medical, schemes therefore created the managed care plans. Managed care differs in ways which they provide health providers and the type and number of specialist one can assess.

Generally, the more facilities they provide, the high the plan will cost. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is the most limited care plan which has a limited number of health providers and patients pay if they go out of the provided providers. (Minute Clinic, 2008)

Others like the indemnity insurance which include the PPO that is the Preferred Provider Organization, allows the patient to seek medical care outside the provided providers and the patient will be asked to pay a small percentage of the cost incurred. While point of service (POS) is a plan that allows its customers to get medical care from those providers who are not in the plan as long as the customer is willing to pay.

This research indicates that Health care plans are vital in evaluating the best services that a person will be offered when seeking the health services. To ensure that one choice a proper health care plan one as to know the advantage and disadvantage of each health plan.

Choosing a health plan is a difficult task, because there is no one single health plan which is perfect. Though, some are better than others. When choosing a health plan the administrator have to assess their benefits and what they cover.

Many plans provide general medical cover, but you will have to examine the finer details. Know how they handle the following; physical examinations and screening of patients, patient’s care by experts, dental services for the patient, eye care services, and prescription drugs by the doctor, need for hospitalization and any emergency care for the patient.

In addition, the administrator will have to ask about what they offer in terms of, mental health care and counseling services, what they offer for drug and substance abuse, physical treatment and other rehabilitative services, their home health care policy and hospital care, also you will inquire on family planning service and gynecological care available, and lastly examine their policies on experimental treatments.

Some of these plans also offer subscribers health education together with preventative care. So find out about the type of preventative care that is offered by the health plan such as child immunization. Also know what type of health screening is offered. (Minute Clinic, 2008)

After reviewing the above factors in comparison to each medical plan, then we can compare them in terms of, services, choices, location and cost of the medical plan. Examine the services offered by the medical plan for example, know the services that the plan don’t cover, and what can be done in case there is a disagreement with the medical plan decided upon.

As for choice, the administrator should know the hospitals and doctors that the plan offers, if they are satisfactory to the organization or if the organization needs extra specialized doctors. Also he should review the location where the company employees will be taken if is near or far. Another very important factor is cost; compare the costs of each health plan and any added costs.

From the article we find that the issue of Medicare and Medicaid has continued to be a big burden to the federal government, but reducing the money being paid to hospitals and doctors don’t solve this problem. This health plans support and assist a lot of individuals who can afford private medical care especially, the older people who have retired and the disabled.

These reductions are supposed to cut Medicare by $693 and Medicaid by $360. such drastic cuts from the health sector which cares for more than 100 millions Americans will not only affect the medical professions, but will have a major effects that will affect the entire American health care system. This is according to Council of Economic Advisers. (Hadorn, 1992)

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