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Catalyst as described is a matter that remains in control and yet less reactive to the different pressures that are pressed on by other factors towards it.

Case managers perform the same task in handling the staff within healthcare facilities as they provide their patients with the ample service that they need to receive.

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Likely, Case managers are supposed to act upon the needs of the people that they primarily serve even when they are being faced with the different pressures that are brought about by the seriousness and the complications of several healthcare cases in the said situations that they are facing.

2. Define the following sectors of health and human service and provide a minimum of two examples of these categories as they exist in your community/county`

a) providers: These are institutions that are responsible for handling the healthcare needs of the society today. They are the either public-connected or profit-oriented organizations that aim to safeguard the health values of the society.

b) Payers: the society; they are the clients that are served by the healthcare institutions.

c) HMOs:  Health Maintenance Organization; they stand as guardians of the procedures taken by the healthcare establishments in the healthcare needs of the society.

d) independents: They are the different institutions that stand as funding organizations to the healthcare establishments who are in turn creating programs that are designed to keep their healthcare values up and successful.


For each sector of service listed in task 2, identify one agency or organization which provides case management services. Contact a case manager in each sector for an interview.

Write a brief summary (less than 1000 words) regarding the history of development of case management services in that organization and a description of the case management services currently provided.

1. Describe the case managers role in the following sectors of health and human services

a) Case management in the provider sector of health services:

1) Home Health Agency: case managers have contributed so much in advancing the procedures by which home nurses deal with the personal needs of their patients.

They are the ones who were able to find the right ways to handle the demands of the patients who are staying at home and how the nurses and other caregivers should give attentions to the said client needs.

2) Head Injury Facility: Through handling serious head injury cases that the managers dealt with, the case managers were able to find out the necessary things that needs to be considered during the therapy phase of the healing of the patients.

3) Hospital: Handling the emergency cases had actually been improved through years of hospital operations. Understandably, the more experience they are able to deal with, the more competent they become in handling emergency cases that they need to face every time they are on duty.

4) Rehabilitation Facility: As noted earlier, experiences teach even more that what the expertise schools could provide. Through the past experiences of the case managers, they were able to improve both the facilities as well as the procedures of giving therapy to those individuals who need assistance with their healing.

5) Infusion Care Company: case managers were able to find better ways on how they are to give assistance to other healthcare providers so as to improve the services that they are providing their target markets with.

6) Child Welfare Agency: Creating a more effective approach in handling healthcare of children even during the most trying situations has been the most beneficial contributions of case managers in the field of child welfare agencies. Through both research and experience-wise learning, case managers were able to establish a more effective approach in creating better programs for childcare provisions.

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