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A health care delivery system is actually a method or organization by which health care is commonly provided to those in need of health care services.

Of course, each country differentiates widely from country to country, which means not all health care is delivered by a health care delivery system. These health care delivery systems are generally compared by how they are managed as well as how they are financed.

There are typically five primary methods of financing of or funding health care delivery systems. These methods include direct, most commonly,  social health insurance, out of pocket payments,  general taxation, private or voluntary health insurance, and community health insurance or donations.

There are many goals which are constantly focused on by health care delivery systems, all of which are vital in ensuring the health of the public. According to “World Health Report 2000”, the primary goals for health care systems are improving performance, good health, responsiveness to the expectations of the population, and fair financial contribution.

There are various delivery systems which apply all of the primary goals and rules pertaining to health care services to their system. Among them include MITZ, which is a program whichspecialized in transporting disabled people to places they need to be in the comfort of a handicapped accessible van.

The cost is only $2.00 there and back and a simple phone call one week ahead of time will do it.

Another program is known as The John’s Hoskin’s Hospital, which provides the highest quality patient health care in the treatment and prevention and prevention of human illness. It is a nonprofit organization. Other similar organizations perform the same duties such as caring for patients and supplying medications.



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