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The establishment of the American Medical Association in the 1900’s turned into a powerful national force. In 1901, the beginning of the “organized medicine” had emerged by the restructuring of the American Medical Association.

When American Medical Association had become the national organization of the associations in the national and local sector, physician’s membership had increased from eight thousand (8, 000) physicians in 1900 to seventy thousand (70, 000) in 1910.

During these years, surgery had been a widespread medical intervention for getting rid of tumors, appendectomies and many other operations. Doctors had no longer offered free services to all the patients in the hospital. Railroads had become the leading industry that had widened employee medical programs (Public Broadcasting Service).

Antiseptics and sanitation in the 1910’s was being widely used for the relief of pain and has become as one of the modern scientific institutions. Arrangement for the first national symposium about “social insurance” was prepared by the American Association for Labor Legislation.

The first national symposium for “social insurance” had initiated the different argument that concerns health insurance. Physicians and interested groups showing disagreement to the reforms had been a reason for the effort of transformation to weaken. Inclusion of the United States to the wars in 1917 had also contributed to the weakening of the transformation (Public Broadcasting Service).

A unified effort was lacking in order for the transformation of the health insurances to pursue.

This event was covered in the 1920’s. Concerns about the costs of medical care were more prioritized than the lost of income due to bad health condition or sickness. Issues of higher cost of medical care had been a more common concern to the middle class. Scarcity was apparent in the facilities that the Rural Health had.

Penicillin was discovered but did not offer help to cure patients’ infection. Penicillin can not be readily utilized by patients because it can only be used twenty years after discovery (Public Broadcasting Service).

Greater concern on the issues that pertains to insurance of the unemployed and the benefits of the old aged people was apparent in 1930’s. The Social Security Act was approved but it excluded the health insurance.

During the Roosevelt administration, issues on the health insurance were raised but unfortunately politics had cause dispute over the priorities. Most of the hospitals in the State had accepted the offer of the Blue Cross to handle the private coverage in hospital care.

Penicillin was ready to be used in the 1940’s. Penicillin was used for the patients to treat diseases and infections. Decision on the amount of wage was in full control of the American employees during the World War II. For the attraction of manpower, several multinational companies have offered different health benefits.

It was then when President Roosevelt has asked for an economic bill of rights that contains the medical care right. The plan for a national health program for all American society proposed by President Truman was condemned by the American Medical Association (Public Broadcasting Service).

At the start of the decade in the 1950’s, a 4.5 % of the GDP was spent for the costs of the national health care. America had established a system which states that the rich people will only acquire private insurances while welfare services would be provided for the poor people. Several suggestions from the legislative were made but all of them failed. More and more medications were discovered for the treatment of different serious illness (Public Broadcasting Service).

A threat was created for the elderly because of the problem that they can’t afford paying insurance. This was the scenario in the early years of the 1960 decade. Costs of acquiring hospital care had doubled.

A vast increase of the companies specializing in health insurances hareached over 700. Education in the field of health care and medicine was expanded due to the issue of the shortage in doctors. Due to the expensive rate of the major medical insurances, Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson (Public Broadcasting Service).

Health Maintenance Organizations was established to replace the health care plan groups in 1970’s. President Richard Nixon included in the Health Management Organizations a law that will give federal approval, assistance, and certification. Medicine crisis in America had started because of the very high cost of healthcare. This was partially affected by the price increase in economy and the new developments in medicine.

There was a rapid increase of women in the medical profession, which had exceeded 25 % at the end of the decade whereas it only started at the rate of 9 % in 1970 (Public Broadcasting Service).

In the 1980’s, privatization of the healthcare insurance was in action. Big corporations had started to rule over the hospital system and many businesses had been established that were merely related into healthcare. Many complaints about the exploitation of the traditional fee payment for doctors had been rampant.

Capitation, which is a system of payment of individual patients served instead of the service rendered, had been more frequent to doctors (Public Broadcasting Service).

Large increase of the prices in healthcare in the 1990’s was evident. Failures with all the laws passed by the federal health care reform had existed during these times. Sixteen percent of Americans do not have health insurance by the end of the decade. There was a reported sixty percent mortality rate which is quite high was created by HIV/AIDS in the United States by June 1990 (Public Broadcasting Service).

In the year 2000’s a constant increase in the cost of healthcare was inevitable. Many of the concerns of the people had revealed that Medicare can no longer be sustained and it must be “saved.” Medical inventions and breakthroughs had created many advertising firms. Their business is the direct-to-consumer of selling several pharmaceutical products and medical devices (Public Broadcasting Service).

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