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Social factors are derived from the relationship between an individual and the surrounding which includes family, friends, work colleagues, and many more and is usually composed of social inequality, social support, and social networking, among others.

Psychological factors are derived from the relationship between an individual and inner self and usually include depression, anger, and hostility, among others. Social factors bring about the psychological factors. For example, depression usually occurs in an individual because of his relationship with a friend or a family member going sore or one of his work colleagues has mistreated him in the workplace.

The biological factors can also bring about psychological factors like when an individual has sleeping abnormalities; it usually results in depression (Bicknell, 2009). In addition, psychological factors can be brought up by behavioral factors such as drug abuse, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, among others.

Psychological factors can influence health indirectly through behavioral factors such as drug abuse. Drug abuse affects the relationship between an individual and his family or relatives and   this can make an individual to be depressed. A behavior such as smoking tobacco can affect the health of an individual since smoking tobacco can lead to lung diseases such as lung cancer.

Through biological factors, psychological factors can influence health directly. An individual with sleeping abnormalities is usually depressed and if this depression goes untreated it might lead to mental disorder. Furthermore, through the psychological factors such as depression, social factors can influence health since depression can be caused by relationships between individuals.

Studying the smoking behavior of a group of adolescents in the United States.

In using the behavioral reports method, the parental report is best way to measure the smoking behavior of adolescents. Adolescents who smoke are usually very keen on their oral hygiene in order to remove the tobacco smell, while those who do not smoke are not very keen.

For example an adolescent who never use to carry a mouth wash or gums in his pocket, suddenly starts to carry it all the time and everyday and never forgets it, can be a suspect of tobacco use. The parental report will therefore be helpful in showing the change in the oral hygiene habit.

Furthermore, the physician report might be helpful in some way since adolescence who smoke tobacco do not keep appointment, they either come late or they do not come. In most cases, they will not go for an appointment with the physician if they have used tobacco that day.

They usually go for the appointment before using tobacco in order to conceal their habits to the school physician because the physician might report them to the administration and this will lead to either suspension or expulsion from school.

In using the physical measures of behavior method, measuring their weights will help in determining whether they are using tobacco. Adolescents who smoke tobacco spent most of their money in buying it and hence they do not eat well.

Eating a balanced diet is very essential in maintaining good health. Lack of a balanced diet may lead to weight loss or in extreme cases, to diseases. In most cases, adolescence who smoke experience weight loss, therefore, weight loss can be used to certain degree of accuracy to predict adolescents who use tobacco.

In observational measures method, analysis of the place where they meet will very helpful in determining whether they are smoking tobacco. A group of adolescents who use tobacco usually meet in hidden places such as latrines, in bushes among others and in most cases they are very intimate when participating in various activities in school. Furthermore, they do not participate actively in sport activities which require much running such athletics, American football, among others.

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