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According to the World Health Organization, health is that state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Being in a healthy state does not merely refer to absence of disease. For one to be in a healthy state he or she must have a proper diet, regular exercises, good bodily health and enough rest.

These are some of the habits that an individual need to practice to be in a good state of health. This indicates that behavior and health are two aspects that are closely related. How we behave to a certain extent determines our health.

Merriam Webster defines behavior as a way into which an individual conducts him or herself. In this context it refers to the way we live, what we eat how we relate to one another including other aspects of our lives. (Norman, P and Conner, M 2000).

There are four determinants of health; they include the environment, health care services available, human biology and the lifestyles. The type of life one leads will greatly influence his or her health status.

For example, those who smoke are prone to many lung complications making them to be at a great risk of being in a poor health state. On the other hand those who do not smoke and rarely engage in risks that can affect their health will more likely remain healthy. (National Academic Press, 2008).

There are certain behaviors that increase the chances of a poor health state; these behaviors are described as risk factors. They include, alcohol consumption ,smoking ,failing to wear a helmet for motorcyclists or a safety belt for the motorist among other risk behavoiurs.which put us at risk of many complications.

These factors put us at great risks of either injuries or contracting disease which in the long run affect our wellbeing.

Through knowing which behaviors put us at risk of bad health, we can be able to modify them so that we can lead a healthy life. This knowledge is very important since it helps in improvement of the health status of the society therefore ensuring a healthy population.

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