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LT C-chosen city and state: Los Angeles, California
| | |Regulatory Topics |
| | |Hazardous Waste |Fire and Safety |Disaster |Security |Accessibility |
|Regulat|The ADA Department of Justice |All hazardous waste receptacles|Objects projecting from walls |Any public |Security barriers cannot block |Los Angeles Community District |
|ory |that enforces civil rights law |must be clearly marked with |with their leading edges |accommodations that are rebuilt|a required accessible route for|does not discriminate on the |
|Agencie|for individuals with |warning labels and placed out |between 27″ and 80″ above the |or significantly altered as a |wheelchairs and other |basis of disability in its |
|s and |disabilities. |of open walk ways where they |finished floor shall protrude |result of damage during a |disability equipment (, |hiring or employment practices |
|Regulat| |will not come into contact with|no more than 4″ into walks, |disaster must comply with the |2014). |and complies with all |
|ions |ADA is a wide-ranging civil |civilians (, 2014). |corridors, passageways, or |ADA’s requirements for | |regulations promulgated by the |
| |rights law that prohibits, | |aisles. Objects mounted with |accessibility (, 2014). |Accommodations may include |U.S. Equal Employment |
| |under certain circumstances, |ADA assures that adaptive |their leading edges at…

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