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The California State has a waste to energy incinerator facility located in the rural community that has been operating for a period of almost 20 years.

This facility produces emissions that results from burnings waste products, which are brought in by large trucks everyday. In an attempt of proposing to build another facility within the locality, that will be burning hazardous wastes including contaminated soil, at the next door to the existing facility, the opposition to the project has been quite strong.

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The City of California Environmental Protection Department must be approved by the City Council before the facility is put in place. This call for an environmental risk assessment and management process before the approval by the federal state

Zoning regulation for environmental health risk assessment in California

An assessment should be carried out that determines the extent of the exposure to the human being before and after the application of the regulatory controls. According to Rogers & Willis (2010) the Agency for Toxic substance and Disease Registry (ATSDR) that relates to public health and safety is an organization that is responsible for coordinating with provisions comprehensive Environmental Response, compensation, and the Act of liability of 1980 (CERCLA) .

This agency is responsible for ensuring that adequate responses to public health emergencies that are declared under the authority of CERCLA are adhered to by the facilities. The Centers for Disease Control (CDS) and the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (ATSDR) are used for incidences that involve hazardous materials and toxic wastes in California.

The environmental health Investigation branch (EHIB) has been very effective in assisting the local government and regulation agencies in the investigation of health problems that may be related to toxic materials in the environment. They normally carry out an assessment of a relationship between the toxic waste and toxic related diseases.

Moreover, EHIB evaluates exposure concerns that result from chemical spills, and electromagnetic field. Exposure Assessment and Molecular Epidemiology Section is responsible for assessing the human exposure to environmental, physical and chemical agents. This assessment helps in characterizing the risk involved or interpreting the environmental; epidemiological results related to toxic wastes.

The California Environmental protection Agency (Cal/EPA) serves to represent the efforts of the basic components of the state’s environmental protection. They carry out an exposure assessment that is related to physical or chemical agents.

The local government commission which is a nonprofit organization has the responsibility of serving both the California city as well as the country and its effort is directed towards promoting corporate efforts among all levels of the government. It helps in the development of solutions to the problems that are related to state as well as the Nation at large. Local agencies Health County and city has the responsibility of serving good information or referral sources on hazards information. They are also responsible for involvement in emergency and regulatory actions relative to toxic substance control.

This involvement includes inspection programs for underground storage, responding to emergency, and implementation of community right to know regulation. They have full authority of regulating and protecting health and safety of the public within their control (Rogers & Willis, 2010).

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