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Whether or not Drugs should be legal in a society is a very controversial topic. Some people seem to be stubborn upon the fact that drugs are harmful, hence there is no way they should be legalized, where as others have a more liberal approach towards this topic. We can discuss both the views, but in the end each one has his or her own opinion. Against legalizing drugs: Some people have a very strong opinion regarding banning the use of drugs, because they are harmful, and they do provide very convincing arguments regarding their view.

I have read the article by Robert Maginnis reflecting upon the reasons drugs should not be legalized, and it did provide certain convincing reasons for justifying the banning of drugs in a society. He talked about the eight common myths regarding the benefits of legalizing drugs, and how in reality they are all false; that it is a very bad idea. In a society, if the drugs are easily available, it would be similar to welcoming someone in your home and giving them a glass of drink. You are simply giving the addicts what they want in their hands, without them having to make any effort.

Not only that, now that the drugs are so easily available, there won’t be a black market, which means they will also be cheaper and hence easily affordable by all. This is bound to increase the use of the substances. Hence, in the long run, the number of addicts will greatly increase. Also, now that everyone can get their hands on the drugs; drug-related criminal activities such as accidents, rapes, problems during pregnancy, robberies, etc. are also bound to rise. (Males) So these could be some of the dangers of legalizing drugs in a society. However, legalizing drugs could also have a greater benefit.

Let’s look at that side of the debate. For Legalizing Drugs: The second article presented was for legalizing drugs by Gustavo de Greiff. He made a few very strong points which justified his side of the argument. He compared the legalization of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana to legalizing tobacco and alcohol, which made quite a lot of sense. Now people argue that legalizing drugs would increase the drug intake. That is not necessarily true. Most people in a society are fascinated by the “illegal” nature of drugs, and hence want to try it out. If these drugs are legal, then this excitement for the topic is bound to finish.

The more you stop a person from doing something, the more he is inclined towards it; it is a simple human psyche which proves that drugs should be legal. People commit crimes to obtain these drugs because they are so expensive, due to their illegal nature. If these drugs are transported and distributed in the market, legally and monitored with limits on the quantities and prices, then they will be affordable by most of the people. Thus reducing the criminal activities associated with obtaining these drugs. Hence, at the end of the day, there will be a lower criminal rate in the society.

Also, by imposing a tax on the drug business, the government will be able to generate more funds. This together with the money which is used excessively to stop the use of drugs; can then be utilized in other areas for the benefits of the society, such as education and health. (Drug Legalization) Conclusion My stance on this topic is that drugs should be legalized. However, the government should strictly monitor the business, ensuring that drugs are not available to the minors. That there are no black markets, and the transport and distribution is done by all fair means.

This will surely reduce the problems associated with the banning of drugs in a society, which may include robberies, murders, black markets, cheating, bribes and so forth. At the end of the day, the drug-users have a right, and this right should be granted to them. References Drug Legalization. (n. d. ). Retrieved from chir. ag: http://chir. ag/papers/drug-legalization. shtml Males, M. A. (n. d. ). The Danger of Legalizing Marijuana. Retrieved from cjcj. org: http://www. cjcj. org/post/drug/policy/danger/legalizing/marijuana/without/comprehensive/reform

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