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In this context, a drug is any natural or artificially made chemical which is taken for pleasure to improve someone’s performance of an activity or because a person cannot stop using it. Drug can also be any activity that gal cannot stop doing. Trafficking is illegal trade in drugs as per the subject. Drug cultivation, the produce and distribution all over the world are the related issues.

Drugs may include man Juana, hailish, flunitrazepam, RGP, Methamphetamine, ISD, heroin, Fentanys; Unauthorized illegal trade of cultural drugs can be due to smuggling and unauthorized readily if cost variation between originator and destiny one extremely different enough resulting in profitability caused by high indications in pride illegally unofficially this results in official trade of drugs in the two markets and drug trafficking is said to have occurred. Websites sell controlled drugs in the absence of a necessary prescription such sites had existed before the ninetieth ninentees.

Black markets are also in play whereby money, landing marlines are used by drug carters. In the year two thousand, estimates showed the value of global trade of illegal drugs at US$ 400 billion. United Nations world drug report showed the value f illicit market for drugs at III & thirteen billion at the producer, US dollars ninety four billion at the wholesales and US dollar four hundred billion at the retailers including slivers and related losses for the year 2003. Sources of drugs commonly used abused in the United States of America.

It id believed that some drugs do not originate in America, sources may be from the African continent, Asia or even Europe. These drugs cross the border to the states with immigrants who may be citizen or non-residents. Once these people settle in America that has links with those who manufacture the drugs in their resident countries and then transport them in the United Stated of America. Sources are therefore linked to the market in America through people with network secured by agents, at the cleaning ports who conceal the drugs for a free o be paid after the source of the drugs. Norman 60 – 77.

Law enforcement for dugs all over the global initiated by the United Nation. Drug trafficking has spoiled most of the productive people in the world. Athletes, basketballers, footballers and rugby players all over the world can be associated with drugs to enhance their performance. The United States therefore has taken the initiative to make sure that this exploitation is stopped through proper law enforcement in all the areas that are party to drug trafficking. Extreme penalties and sentences are given to the charged to ensure that interested people in drug trade trafficking are warned.

Culprits may avoid escape punishment and get black to the black market. Some international countries like Africa, drug traffickers may be related to government officials and this reduces their punishment leading to escapes. The United Nations is not based at all be cases implications of drug trafficking can be felt all over the world and it is the only jobber body that can seriously address the issues. Drugs and the Internet. Through the Internet marketing and adversities for drug is enhanced because the traffickers are not noticeable.

It therefore makes it easy for clients /customers to make orders through the Internet and then the source are to look for channels to make deliveries. coagulation is needed to reduce the rate of Internet transactions because this is the most risky and confidential way to conduct the sale. With the Internet, sources and destinations all over the world can be conducted. Internet allows for the processing of all documents that are necessary for the trafficking of drugs and the subject becomes complicated because evidence against the organized crime which needs stiff laws and laws and law enforcers to deal with the situation.

Drug traffickers have styles of carrying out the trade under cover and it is so organized that there are no defaulters in the trade. Parties defecating can be dealt with by their colleagues with out consulting law / government authorities so channels of exposure for the traders is not easy. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and its mission to keep the law relating to investigations o actions against the federal crimes law that protect the United States of America form foreign intelligence.

Foreign intelligence is what permits the clearance at airport, seaport and at the police blocks to ensure that the traffickers are free form police arrests. Failure for arrests lead to the transport of drugs form sources o destinations and therefore the drug substances remain in use all over the world. The federal Bureau of investigation has made it to be one of its functions, these FBI has special defection skills that can tell the location of drug substances in transits and seizures occur. They are specialized equipment for this that can not be available in other government of the world which form the sources for drugs.

Federal Bureau of investigation is therefore concerned with the sneaking of drugs through the county’s borders. Sneaking is taking something (drug) to our America secretly. Those drug trafficking do it secretly and in smuggling techniques; smuggling refers to taking billing (drugs) or people to or form a place secretly and often illegally. Smuggling is through the air, sea or by road. Traffickers normally conceal drugs to ensure that government officials or related defection agency cannot detect them. Heroine, marijuana and cocaine can be put in luggage in transit.

The customer service protects the nations borders. The intelligence branch has borders agency with huge land, air, manner detective force and investigation components. Custom officials can therefore go through luggage to ensure that good luggage cleared at ports do no include some hidden drugs to sale in the designated countries. Smuggling in vessels: sea vessels transporting consumer goods commodity can be having some drugs. Sea vessels normally transport to avoid detection. Customs officials or even the FBI can detect traffickers to destroy their succeed in their illegal mission.

Concealment method: conceding refers to preventing drugs form being seen or known about. Drugs are hidden in pocket clothes, some may decide to swallow a few tablets to be unleashed on this other side after crossing the border. Drug traffickers tend to be intelligent and its easy for them to succeed in their mission without being noticed. This may call for special detection devices to the presence do such. Swallowing is the most common method of concealing heroine and cocaine and it even calls for the victims to be subjected for mandatory exercise.

Commercial air, express mail, sea cargo, and road are the transit channels for drugs. Illegal drugs cannot be transported on their own but are mixed for separation in the other side with cereals, foodstuffs or even clothes. Mails in transits never used to be screened. The federal bureau of investigation once defected drugs in a mails on delivery and all mail delivery agents all over the world have been on alert. Mail and other large transported within outside the united states of America have to be screened for detecting the presence of drugs and such deliveries are stopped before departure.

Air travelers especially form Nigeria (Africa) has been agents of drug trafficking and this has worsened the public image of Nigerian in America. The Canadian marijuana trade also enhanced to trafficking of drugs between the United States of America and Canada who are close allies. Routes and methods for trafficking marijuana between Canada and United States wee identified. Focus is now on how to screen all deliveries luggage, industrial and consumer goods to ensure that no more crossing of borders for drugs happens to reduce the spoiling America people by drugs.

Drug trafficking is normally related to illegal immigrants and this has seen citizens all over the world have a problem with screening visa for the United States of America. International narcotics control board has been on the free form the stop drug trafficking. Officials of the Narcotics control Board are placed at airport, sea entry points and on road so that of suspect who may be sneaking the illegal drugs. Antinarcotics officers are train to tell in advance of suspects. They are therefore supposed to stop and integrate the cull print and can therefore stimulate their excretion to unease the swallowed drugs.

Antinarcotics police can therefore arrest suspect to be charged for drug traffic made by the antinarcotics unit which is normally well trained on drug cocaine availability estimation has been the long term goals for the antinarcotics unit because cocaine is the most commonly used drug by American, athletes, basketball, footballers,, and flabby players sportsmen with drug related performance can be identified before during or after games and therefore then for medical checkups. National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) gives education and training on defection of drug traffickers and related caused of action to avoid such incidents in future.

Evaluations are also being made to consider taking sales of drugs and gain revenue for the government. Drugs are trafficked intelligently and therefore due to their illegality America government cannot levy taxes on them. Policies and program development (2000) enforced the passing of laws and guidelines to combat the problem of drug trafficking, which is an enemy to the youth of the United States of America. Plans and systems have been in place since 2000 to deal with the drug illegal transits and sale in America and all its allies.

The programs also define what can be referred to as drug and whether they are legal or not and this has been much successful because the illegal trade is not as it was before. References: Bilchik S. Youth any drug trafficking. Official Business Penalty. Washington. 2007. See www. ncjrs. gov/pdffiles1/ojjdp/178282. pdf Referenced of 10(27) Norman C. Drug trafficking Act 1994 (C. 37) TomG. U. S. EnforcementAdministration. See http://www. un. org/apps/news/story. asp? NewsID=24349&Cr=guinea&Cr1=bissau Referenced on 10/27/2007

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