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The case revolves around the reluctant and irresponsible attitude of the cops to ignore leadership and initiative when it comes to a problem beyond their province. The case describes extensive impacts of drug peddling in a community. Federal agency volunteers to sanction a significant amount of money to plan a pilot project or operation to curtail drug peddling, however which is possible only through a collective effort from all the Chiefs to unite to fight against drug.

As there was an inappropriate communication which failed to reflect the severity of the case, there was a misconception which made the Chiefs to take the case light. Lack of consensus and social responsibility Chief David Bascom the chief of Milledgeville, where the crime is mentioned to have gone beyond control, intends to claim the biggest share of the money allocated by the Federal grant for drug enforcement efforts, perhaps he realises the fact that if a large share of money was directed towards his county it would not be of much use.

There is no clue as to why he claimed the largest share- it could be distribute it among his subordinates to motivate them or to make use of it to enforce a strategy to curb drug peddling. Nevertheless he recognised the fact that it would not be right from his part to claim a large share, on what so ever grounds be it. He proved to be a bit responsible than other Chiefs, where Chief Jones similar to the Chief Hayes of Shadow Point Police Department recommended an equal share for all the thirty county permitting each department to take its own move.

The case gives us a clear picture of different understanding for the money granted from the Chiefs. There is an absolute lack of consensus which is clearly evident from the discussion of the Chiefs, when Chiefs of the smaller departments formed an opinion that the money would not be enough or do any good as the cities were extensively corrupted with drugs and drug peddling all over the city. This debate shows a careless attitude and a unconcern for the other cities which does not come under their control.

The irresponsible attitude was vividly reflected when Chief Beckman – Chief of midsize community tried to ignore the drug trouble in the bigger cities assuming it was just the result of effort of few Chemistry students trying to earn money illegitimately. There was too much concern for their own department, city and community which made them think only for their department leaving behind the rest of the departments on stake. Lapse in presentation- led to fallacies among the chiefs According to the case, the drug peddling and consumption was observed in the Milledgeville more than in any other community.

It was extensive to such an extent that it caused the death of three students in three communities, the case was given serious attention after this incident. In addition it was evident that the selling of new designer drugs was perpetrated in Milledgeville. It is the utmost responsibility of the Milledgeville Chief David Bascom to address the issue. The case reflects his realisation about the seriousness of the case as his community was running on high risk and vulnerability of drug related problems more than any other community.

Perhaps he did not transfer his mind to the other Chiefs and hence they were under the misconception that their communities were safe. The best way to convey his mind would have been to collect adequate information to prove the consequence of the continued effect of this drug selling. It should be presented using a powerpoint with the objectives mentioned clearly, statistical record showing the predominant existence of the drug peddlers and drug selling in the city and the consequences of the illegitimate activity by the anti-socialists.

The most important point is to make them understand the vicious circle related to this drug peddling which could affect the other communities if it continues to proceed. There are all possibilities for the situation to go beyond the control if the drug peddling picks up a rapid selling. A report with a research done to portray the intensity of the situation and the estimated consequences; a copy of this report should have been circulated to all the Chiefs to inculcate the fear and responsibility towards the case. After having done all these a brainstorming session should be conducted to set a strategy for a united fight against drug.

Duty instead of “devil may care attitude” They seem not to understand the underlying tension of the situation as their departments were free of drug and stuff. It is very obvious that they have failed to understand the cause for the grant of money which was viewed by most of the Chiefs as subsidy for their overtime work. The point that the money was sanctioned to financially support a pilot project which was supposed to be strategized to curtail the rapidly proceeding drug peddling was absolutely forgotten and overshadowed by the thirsty nature of the Chiefs for money.

A selfish and careless “business as usual” clearly proves that the Chiefs have not understood the case. It is proves us the fact that there lies a reluctant mindset among the Chiefs which stops them from assuming responsibility and there could be reasons like an underpayment against the extraction of utmost work or inappropriate recognition for their achievements so far. Inculcation of collective responsibility. The federal agency which had granted money should assume responsibility to explain the Chiefs the implicit impact of the drug peddling.

It is Milledgeville which is affected by this illegitimate activity, hence it is the prime responsibility of the Chief David Bascom to insist the Federal agency to take initiative to inculcate the severity of the issue. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, irrespective of who assumes the responsibility to take a collective action against drug selling, the Chiefs should be given separate reports and should be asked to submit a report based on the proportion of drug selling in the respective communities.

Conclusion There is general lack of responsibility observed among most cops – it could be for the reason that they work for the government, they strive to prevent violation of law, their power to control any individual or for the simple reason that the job involves a lot of physical strain, perhaps it should be understood that police officials agreed to join the job after knowing the pros and cons of the job, so it absolutely absurd to ignore responsibilities.

In the second place, they have to go beyond their work responsibilities to safeguard the public simply for which they are paid. Government should take effective steps to motivate them now and then to achieve a crime fre

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