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In your entire life, you would never imagine having two diseases by the age of 18. This is something that has happened to me. I have lived with a Liver disease and colon disease for 2 years now. This has changed my life in a big way. I realized I couldn’t abuse my body or take life for grantee. There were ways before I knew I was sick that I was abusing my body. It affected me when I found out and it still affects me. Since I found out I have had to make changes in my life.

The way I was abusing my body was; drinking alcohol, which now can make my chances of my liver give out. Also it increased that my colon could be removed. I would also smoke which would make me feel sick, if I did it now. Meaning going to the doctor more and more medicine.

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When I found out it was harsh and I was thinking a lot about how my life was going to be now. It made me closer to God and my family. I say it was a blessing in discise. It made me stop drinking, smoking, and doing bad things to my body. I was pretty sad when I found out, I still am a little. It’s getting better, knowing, having my faith, and love in God.

I realized that don’t over do bad things like alcohol, smoking, and things of that sort to your body. You never know what bad you are doing to your health. Cherish the body God gave to you. I never did drink a lot, but now I don’t at all. So I believe God was saying something when he blessed me. I am clean and I try to be very healthy. Which everyone should do? You only have one body treat it with care.

Overall, you only get one body in this lifetime. So be good to it. I look at things differently. It’s not very fun, having to use the bathroom every hour or so. It’s also not fun to take 9 to 10 different medicines every day for the rest of your life. So if you get any advice from this essay, its take care of your body and cherish your health.

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