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Dog attacks FAQs
How do I report a dog attack
To report an attack to a person or animal/pet call your local council or the Dangerous Dogs Hotline on 1300 101 080.To report an attack to property contact the Police. Council can also assist with regard to dogs being at large or trespassing on your property.How can dog attacks be prevented
Our website has tips and information on preventing dog attacks in the home, and preventing dog attacks in public.What are the penalties for a dog attack
If your dog attacks a person or animal you may be liable for thousands of dollars in fines and your dog may be seized and euthanased. You may also have to pay compensation for any damage caused by your dog as ordered by the court.If you set your dog to deliberately attack a person or animal you can be sentenced to a maximum of 6 months in prison.If your dog is already a declared dangerous dog, a declared menacing dog, a trained attack or guard dog or fits the restricted breed dog standard (registered or unregistered restricted breed dog) and attacks a person endangering their life or causing death, you may be charged under the Crimes Act and face possible imprisonment of 5 or 10 years jail.Note: where the owner of a dog is under the age of 18 years, the parent or guardian of that owner will be deemed the legal owner of the dog and subject to any penalties/prosecutions.If my dog attacks a person/an animal will it be euthanased
An authorised officer of council may immediately destroy a dog, if the officer believes that the dog is behaving in a manner that could result in the dog causing serious injury or death to a person or other animal.A court or council can order destruction of the dog if its owner or person in charge at the time is found guilty of the attack.A dog at large near livestock can be destroyed by the landowner or their agent.How do I stop my dog from being euthanased
You should seek legal advice to ensure…

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