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The vast differences between men and women in various spheres of life has always been a major topic of discussion and deliberation. Perhaps one of the most significant differences between the 2 sexes is their communication style, which has always been a major source of conflict between them.

The basic reason why men and women communicate is different. Men communicate very rarely and they do it in order to negotiate and establish their status and dominance in a group.

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Their communication is rarely forthcoming otherwise and is more of a defensive nature. On the other hand women communicate in order to establish relationships with people. It is rarely of a defensive nature.

When women talk to people it is an attempt to get close to the people though it might at times seem aggressive or unnecessary to some people .

Men rarely discuss a problem but when they do it they do it in order to obtain suggestions or advice but it may not necessarily mean that they would follow it. However women are more forthcoming when they discuss their problems and they do it not to obtain advice but once again to just talk and derive comfort from the other person listening to the problem.

A solution or advice is not necessary. Not knowing this a male may try to offer advice and feel that all the talk is unnecessary if the advice is ot taken well. Similarly advice may not be well received by the women as they might feel that the man is trying to reduce the importance of her problem. Men have a tendency to take advice or requests otherwise as well .

On being advised they may feel that they are bringing down their status by ‘listening’ to the other person. The tendency of a man is to take a decision on his own whatever advice he may receive whereas the tendency of a women is more egalitarian and they would take everybody’s opinion into account before taking any decision.

Because of all these differences in the communication styles of men and women there are invariably conflicts between them. We can deal with these conflicts in various ways.

The best way to deal with these conflicts is for each of the genders to understand the ways of communication of the other gender and the reason for it . Also it is essential for each gender to meet the other midway.

It is essential for men to understand that women find it necessary to talk to develop a reltionship.Infact it is essential for them and that when women talk it is not merely a device to get attention and that they are not looking out for advice .

Rather they are looking out for a sympathetic ear. Similarly it is essential for women to understand that when men don’t communicate it is not because they are not interested rather it is because men don’t feel the need to communicate other than when they need to establish their superiority or their status.

2/Fitness: Science and technology have transformed our lives, but made us more inactive as a result. What are the long term benefits of increased cardiorespiratory fitness? Flexibility?

Strength and endurance? Reduced body fat? Which of these key components of physical fitness do you currently possess? Which ones would you like to improve or develop?

Science and technology has transformed our lives in many ways. One of the main ways is by making our lives easier by providing us various appliances and utilities for our daily activities that makes life more and more effortless.

However the flipside of technology is that it deprives us of essential physical activities that would lead to increased health in terms of better cardio respiratory fitness, flexibility, endurance, strength, decreased body fat and son on that would lead to a healthy and long life .

Any kind of physical activity that is regular and structured can yield these benefits These benefits in turn have other long term benefits. Better cardio respiratory fitness decreases the risk of heart disease such as coronary artery disease up to 2 times.

This ensures that there is decreased blood pressure by almost 2 times which ensures that there is less risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Increased cardio respiratory fitness also means that the level of good cholesterol in the blood id increased and the level of bad cholesterol is reduced which again decreases the risk of heart disease.

The advantages of possessing good physical fitness and flexibility are that day-to-day activities can be pursued with ease. It decreases the risk of osteoporosis and there is better bone formation.

It also ensures that arthritis and joint weaknesses do not occur and promotes the formation of the muscle to support the joint. It also increases strength and endurance, which means that it reduces mental and muscular tension and improves concentration and energy levels. Reduced body fat helps reduce blood pressure and main an optimal body weight and composition.

I believe that I have good strength and decreased body fat. However I believe that I am lacking in cardio respiratory fitness and endurance. In order to increase these factors I am pursuing a regular fitness regime. This includes regular and planned physical activity such as bicycling, swimming and staircase climbing, walking and other physical activities

What recent evidence links environmental factors to various cancers?.

Recent scientific studies have found that there are environmental and occupational links to more than 30 types of cancers. Cancers are caused by multiple exposures to various types of cancer causing factors.

No single exposure can be pointed to as the single reason for causing cancer. We can just identify some potential cancer causing factors or agents and avoid them. Metals such as arsenic are known to cause cancer of the skin, bladder and lung. Chlorination byproducts such as trihalomethanes are known to cause cancer of the bladder.

Natural fibers such as asbestos is known to create cancer of the lung, larynx, stomach.

Petrochemicals and combustion products are known to cause cancer of the bladder lung and skin. Pesticides are known to cause cancer of the brain, wilms tumour, leukemia and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Reactive chemical such as vinyl chloride are known to cause liver cancer and soft tissue sarcoma.

Metal working fluids and mineral oils are associated with cancers of the bladder, larynx, nasal passages, rectum, skin and stomach. Ionizing radiation is associated with cancers of bladder, bone, brain , breast, liver, lung, ovary , skin and thyroid as well as leukemia, multiple myeloma and sarcomas. Environmental tobacco smoke and cancers of the breast and lungs.


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