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Health Care System is a structural organization designed for providing quality and efficient health care services to the general population.  Equally, its’ standards must be in accord with the general acceptance of the people and that it must cater to the needs of their needs albeit the inequality of social strata (equity).

Although health care models are divided into two — private and public—the former is rare and that most public systems occur at variable intensity of funding from the Social Securities and the State Government. US has multiple public delivery systems which cater to varying health strata and inclusive of these systems are the following: Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Health Administration and Indian Health Services.

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 Medicare comprises services that cater to the elderly and physically challenged individuals; Medicaid access is for available for the poor or those individuals whose income fall below the average [income] set by the State; and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program cater to the children of the poor families.

The Veterans Health Administration has a direct link to governmental hospital systems, and health provisions and benefits are maintained for the U.S. military veterans. The Indian Health Services provide for the medical needs of the minority and the ethnic groups. Medical Institutes and research institutes as well as private hospitals and nursing homes are important part of the health care system.

What should health and human service agencies want in terms of good service and benefit delivery? Quality of health care is hard to define yet what we should maim for should be the following: (1) affordable monetary cost and covered insurance cost (2) satisfaction over amenities of care and (3) patient-practitioner interaction.


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