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With the advancements in technology, a lot of things have become easier. Yet another example of this common statement comes in the shape of Oxygen Concentrators.

A few years back, there used to be oxygen cylinders for use just in case someone felt the need or required oxygen. But now, the advent of oxygen concentrators has made the availability of oxygen dependant only on batteries. Concentrators extract the oxygen from the air in the form of around 85-90% oxygen. Life is definitely much easier.

About the Product:

Sequal Eclipse 2: Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator is a portable oxygen provider designed especially for our veterans who need a constant supply during their travels. It is a device which generates a continuous supply of oxygen for a better life. In the market, it is the only portable oxygen concentrator that provides you with both continuous and pulse flows of oxygen.

Concentrators manufactured by other companies are often limited to providing pulse supply only, but Sequal Eclipse 2 provides our customers with the option of receiving continuous flows too(SeQual , 2008).

Our Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator has been designed especially for Veterans. As a product, it can be used under any circumstances. Those who are often required to travel can take along with them their personal supply of oxygen.

While at home in the living room, in the car, or outdoors, Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator can be moved along wherever you go. In the end, Sequal Eclipse 2 strives to bring to you as normal a life as anyone else in the world (Petty, n.d.).

With Sequal Eclipse 2, you don’t have to worry about quality. Our Portable Oxygen Concentrator operates on minimal power supplies. For DC, it needs only 12 V of batteries. For AC, you can just plug it into any 100-240 V supplies. Without any charging, the Concentrator can go on up to 5 hours of uninterrupted oxygen supply.

Less usage of power means that Eclipse 2 generates less heat and noise as wasted energy. Our sleek and technologically advanced design means that cleaning isn’t a problem. The parts of the Oxygen Concentrator can be dismembered so that you can easily clean the machine from within (Winer, 2006).

For our veterans attending VA Hospital, we would say that this is the product for you. Whether you are outdoors or travelling in an airplane, the Concentrator is very easy to take along. If you are travelling in an airplane for example, wheels at the base of the product mean that just like a suitcase, the Concentrator can be dragged along without any fear of it getting damaged.

A ‘carry cart’ with extendable handle provided and attachable with the product makes it easier to take the Concentrator along. As far as weight is concerned, the Concentrator weighs only 18 pounds. This means that it is not the most significant of weights to carry onto a flight (Ranchhod, 2004).

All these advantages mentioned above should convince anyone that the Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator is the best product in the market. It is efficient and effective at the same time and makes for a satisfying product. The easy controls and menu, two type oxygen flow, the efficient power supply, the recharging power cartridge, the carry cart, and Eclipse itself; such a great package will not be available anywhere else(Kennedy,2006).


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