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Health care is probably one of the most important things that a country’s government should focus on. It is important for people to have good health to be able to work properly and function as a country’s citizens.

This is because without them, a country would have a hard time moving forward. However, recent statistics show that there is a shortage of health care workers in many countries, which is alarming because this would affect the overall health and functioning of the people in this country.

To address the shortage of health care workers, it is essential to take a look at the budget of the government that is allotted to the field of health care. There should be sufficient amount of money for people to be trained as health care workers.

This would not only solve the problem of shortage in this field but it would also ensure everyone that less medical errors would be committed if the health care workers undergo proper training. In addition, there should be an increase in the wages of health care professionals, especially because they work round the clock.

Because most health care workers consist of female workers, it is also important to offer them flexible work arrangements that would suit their responsibilities as women in family life.

This would encourage women to enter the health care field thus increasing the number of workers. It would also help to recruit health care professionals from outside of the country where there are abundant number of health care professionals and are willing to migrate.

This would definitely increase the number of workers in the field of health care and, at the same time, help those workers from other countries by giving them employment.

The shortage of health care workers is something that should be taken seriously by a country’s government. People depend on these workers to take care of them when their health is failing. Without the sufficient amount of workers, a country would be crippled and would not be able to function properly as a whole.

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