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The capacity of each patient to understand and process the information on healthcare that would affect their formulation of decisions regarding their health is termed as healthcare communication.

Health care providers have a significant role in the communication between their clients. These clients should be communicated to a certain level that they will fully understand their disease condition and the treatment process they have to undergo in order to regain their good health and thereby reduce the costs of doing so (Brown, 2007).

The health care provider has this load on their shoulders but the patients themselves are the key player in their understanding of the matter. No matter how hard the health care personnel tries to explain to the client the disease condition he has if the client themselves lack the capacity to process the information given there will be no light to the situation.

This study will review related literature which supports the thesis on whether communication in healthcare especially in Vivian’s case actually helps her. This study also aims to establish that through communication in healthcare, the patient or the family of the patient would be able to decide better on healthcare and decrease amount spent. With several medicines that alleviate or treat disease conditions for the betterment of ones life, advance technology of the present time produces numerous medicines that treat diseases and disorders.

This technology does not come for free, and with the absence of the necessary literacy on healthcare and on institutions that provide healthcare support, patients are usually bound into spending more on healthcare in general.

Overview of Chosen Patient Scenario

An overview of the case of Vivian suggests that the patient during her consultation with her doctor was somewhat dissatisfied with how her doctor diagnosed her.

She knows she needs a certain level of medication and also know that she should follow doctor’s advice. But with the way the communication between her and the doctor went, how should Vivian perceive the credibility of the doctor’s prognosis on her? Will this affect the medication of Vivian?

Discussion of Key Player Perspectives


Currently, in spite of the availability of several healthcare providers, patients like Vivian undergoing medication without adequate communication between her and the doctor do not guarantee that they will have a positive outcome and in turn spend out more.

As with the case stated in this study, communication between the patient and the doctor is important with any medical related services. An essential factor that inhibits the treatment of these disease conditions is ones’ rigorous following and intake of the medications given which costs more than the usual healthcare services (Ownby, 2006).


Since we are talking about communication in healthcare here, a doctor should make sure that the community the hospital serves gets the best service it can provide. It is his role to make sure that the patients have free and informed consent as with Vivian’s case. Although it is hard task to attain this goal, doctors should see to this problem in an effective way.

Dr. Walls should also lead in being aware and complying with regulatory mandates which seek to protect the privacy and interests of the patients who have needs in communication.

The doctor should bear in mind that meeting these needs may involve the family which has an important role in the recovery and care of the patient.  It is also the Dr. Walls’s role to let the hospital know of prioritizing the goal of overcoming communication barriers in patients and their families. To better serve the community, it is a priority to reach the groups which have often been deprived of privileges from the healthcare community.

A health service agent such as Dr. Walls must look upon the basic demographics of the population he (or she) serves for the simple reason stated above: health is too important for him to be unsure of their needs. Since he is the bridge between the people and the health care providers must know first hand what kind of health service those people want and need.

The health needs of people from an urban community are most definitely different from the needs of those in the rural area and he has to make sure both these people get what they need.

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