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Abstinence Pledges – Are They Effective or Ineffective?
Studies are proving both sides of this argument. They show that the pledges are both effective as well as ineffective, but mostly they are, ineffective. Although many teens take the Abstinence Pledge, most do not stick to it. Clearly, the pledges are ineffective because teens are still having sex & are not waiting until after marriage. My viewpoint on this subject is that Abstinence Pledges are ineffective and many who take the pledge fail to stick to it. What is the purpose of introducing Abstinence Pledges to a crown who will sign it just for the sake of it, but not commit themselves?

Some schools are supplying teens with condoms, which in a sense is like promoting sex amongst the teen population. When at the same time, they are also having teens sign abstinence pledges to remain virgins until marriage. Ultimately, the decision to refrain from sex or not is up to the teen and they will do as they wish, no matter what the consequence may be. According to source number four, studies have shown that teens who take the pledges are less likely to use contraception when they do have sex than those who don’t take the pledge. In the mind of a teen, the pledge is just another paper that they are signing. They don’t look deeply into

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the matter or think about the concerns that may come along the way. Therefore, the pledges are unfortunately ineffective.

According to source number two, a study shows that abstinence pledge programs are dramatically effective in reducing sexual activity among teens in grades 7-12. By all means, I do not agree with the previous statement, whatsoever. Reading that honestly amazes me. If studies show that the pledges actually work, then why do we have millions of teens engaging in sexual intercourse? Getting pregnant? Contracting sexually transmitted diseases? That does not make any sense. If they were effective, we would have millions of teens refraining from sex, not getting pregnant and safe from STD’s. According to the same article, they say based on a large national sample of adolescents. The study concludes, “Adolescents who reported having taken a pledge to remain virgin were at significantly lower risk of sexual debut”. And that same study found that participating in an abstinence program and taking a formal pledge of virginity were by far the most significant factors in a youth’s delaying early sexual activity.

My final argument is, what is the purpose of introducing Abstinence Pledges to a crowd who will sign it just for the sake of it, but not commit themselves? Many think that while abstinence pledges may delay the start of sexual activity for teens, or teens may refrain from sex, most young people will have sex before marriage. When teens wont listen to begin with, why sign the pledge? Why preach to the wrong crowd? I know that it is the job of loved ones and the community to inform teens of why they should practice abstinence, but in reality, it is their decision and will do as they wish. Even though we can stress the issue enough, they will still do what they feel is right. Supporters of abstinence pledges and education believe that abstinence should be stressed in teaching teens about sex and that it is hypocritical to stress abstinence but still teach about condoms and other contraceptives.

After researching this topic, my opinion on the effectiveness of birth control remains the same, which is that Abstinence Pledges are ineffective. Especially when schools provide condoms, which makes it seem as though they are promoting teens to have sex but then they are also having them sign a pledge to practice abstinence.

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