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One of the most important crucial issues facing our country is health care coverage. Millions of people in our country do not have health care and many suffer and die because they can’t afford health care coverage. Marian Wright Elderman explains that too many people are without medical insurance including children and the elderly.

In the Louisiana Weekly Elderman tells us that, (2007, Elderman) “President Bush has said, “When it comes to health care, government has an obligation to care for the elderly, the disabled, and poor children, and we will meet those responsibilities.” In order to gain trust with Americans, it is extremely important for the politicians who can make a difference in health care, make necessary changes where health care is concerned. Medical insurance should be something that every person can afford.

Is medical insurance affordable for all? For most people in our country, the answer is simple to answer. There are too many people who openly say that they can’t afford insurance for themselves and their families.

George Bush tries hard to convince people that plans are set in motion to gain a better health care system but too many people are still not afford insurance. In this article from the Louisiana Weekly; “Bush Needs to be a Positive Leader on Child Health Care” we are told that our president did try to take steps for better health care coverage but there is still a huge problem.

It is evident that although some families are able to benefit from programs set forth to help the health care problem there are still too many families who don’t fall into the income guidelines where they are able to receive help with their medical coverage. (SCHIP) The State Children’s Health Insurance Program has been beneficial for many families so it is important that our government officials take necessary actions to see to it that all bills concerning better health care are passed.

The health care crisis has affected people of all ages in our country including children. “We learn that “The proposed White House budget for SCHIP of only an additional $4.8 billion won’t be enough even to continue to cover the children enrolled in the program now.” It is time that everyone in America receive health care insurance for a minimal cost.

To gain a better health care system that is affordable for all American, our government leaders must take everyone into consideration and create a health care system that is a low cost and is affordable. Medical insurance should be a top priority in our country.

Our law makers should make it mandatory that physicians, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies only be allowed to charge low fees for their services so that insurance prices can decrease significantly. If health care prices are low, then insurance coverage could be decreased so that everyone in America can have the assurance that they, as well as their families are taken care of without constant worry.

Although, some money is being filtered back to the American people through tax credits, this is a small amount that doesn’t help the health care situation. It will take bigger measures in creating affordable medical insurance. It is time that citizens voice their concerns and pressure our political leaders to make health care coverage possible for all. Health care coverage should be affordable so our children, elderly and all other people are healthy and happy and can go to sleep at night knowing they can be taken care of when a medical concern arises.

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