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Benefits of American War Veterans
On September 11th, 2001 the United States grieved the national heartbreak derived from the loss of the Twin Towers of New York City. Along with two other horrifying attempts on the same momentous day, these acts of terrorism left the country trembling; however, the violence also lead to a newfound connection between its citizens. America responded with a new infatuation for war and launched its War Against Terror. The eagerness caused by the attacks brought countless new fighters to the U.S. Military, many of whom still deal with the repercussions of combat almost a decade later. According to 2007 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, about 23.6 million civilians consisted of veterans of the armed forces. (“Veterans’ Rights.”) That revealing number consists of men and woman who felt obligated to sacrifice their time, well-being, and possibly even their lives in their countries’ time of need. As admirable as these individuals are, many of the troops leave the military with nothing to return to. Despite large sums of taxpayer dollars being reserved for these veterans’ benefits, many combatants returning home either have little knowledge of any funds or programs designed to help them transition back into reality, or simply never receive the support they are entitled to.
In spite of the fact that the American government devotes a large amount of time and money training troops on classified intelligence regarding combat training or warfare tactics, it doesn’t emphasize information concerning the possible consequences fabricated in war. More often than not, soldiers that return with physical injury need years of assistance and physical therapy. A wide range of health care benefits are available for qualified veterans, including nursing home care, domiciliary care, outpatient pharmacy services, outpatient dental treatment, alcohol and drug-dependence treatment, and funding to make home improvements necessary to accommodate a veteran’s…

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