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Feeling sick may be an option but being actually sick is definitely not. Getting sick or having complications in certain parts of the body due to bacteria or certain negative organisms is a normal event in every man’s life.

One cannot avoid getting sick even if he thinks he lives healthy enough. At some point, there will come a time when the body ceases to function normally and this may be due to a lot of factors which, more often than not, only medical practitioners can fully explain. If one wants to live long enough, seeking medical treatment is inevitable.

With the growing findings and observations in the field of science, the branch of medical knowledge has become so vast that there seem to be a cure for almost every sickness so long as there is proper diagnosis.

A proper diagnosis can be attained from the imterpretation of the results of the tests that the doctor would require. Having treatments seem to be easy but then that just appears to be the case for those who can afford it. Medical treatments are very costly and may even consume everything one owns of he does not have a health insurance.

According to Encarta on-line encyclopedia online (n.pag), health insurance is designed to pay the costs that are related to health care such as consultancy and professional fees to physicians and other hopital bills. This type of system protects the people from the facing large bills pertaining to the medical treatments that they availed of. All industrialized countries, except for the United States, provide health insurance to their citizens.

They consider this as a part of their people’s basic rights. However, health insurance is not only provided by the governments of industrialized countries, it may also be availed of individually by paying annual premuims to private insurance companies. The higher the premuim, the greater is the benefit that will be received because the coverage for the health treatments that may be availed of will be greater (Encarta online encyclopedia online n.pag.).

In a study conducted by the Center for Policy at the Georgertown University, it was found out that the people who can hardly avail of a health insurance try to ignore whatever pain they are feeling and pretend that everything is alright even if it is not.

More often than not, they only try to avail medical treatments when the sickness has reached a high stage or where cure is already very difficult to attain. If only these people had enough money or health insurance to fund their medical treatments then life would have been more fruitful and could be longer for them (LIMHIIR n.pag.)

Availing medical treatment is a very difficult decision if one does not have enough money because one needs to think the expenses that he will face and the other necessities that he still needs to pay. Health insurance, somehow, relieves the mind from the trouble of thinking how much one will be paying fo his health needs.

In illustration, if one has cancer and does not have a health insurance it would be too expensive for him to pay for the hospital bills because of the many tests that he needs to go through not to mention the chemotherapy that he will regularly face.

The many tests and the new technology that are being used for treatment and diagnosis are among the factors that are affecting the costs of medical expenses. The better is the technology, the more chances one has to be cured. Many doctors resist to employ expensive treaments to patients who do not have health care plans or have no sufficient funds to pay for their health needs (LIMHIIR n.pag.).

The best time to avail of a health insurance is when one is healthy. Insurance companies require a medical background of the person they are insuring and usually, the sicker the person availing it, the higher the insurance premium that he needs to pay or worse, the insurance application may even be denied.

When one is still healthy, insurance companies would gladly open their arms to accept the applicant because the risk that he poses is very low and there is a possibility that such individual may not be able to avail of the benefits of the insurance after all. This possibility is one of the reasons why there are many people who shun from availing insurance policies—they fear that it is just a waste of money.

To some extent, it may be a rip off but then it may also be beneficial especially if one encounters an unexpected medical situation that entails expensive treatments. But is if one is 100 percent sure that he will not be facing any medical need then he may not avail of the an insurance policy as it will juts be useless but if he is not, he might as well avail one because in the future he may be facing higher amounts to pay for emergency health needs (LIMHIIR n.pag.).

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