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The Robinson couple had received a good news, finally after praying for seven years since the start of their marriage; Mrs. Robinson is pregnant at last! And for the next 9 months the couples were busy preparing for the arrival of their angel who will surely enhance their happiness.

They eagerly painted and decorated the nursery room and filled it with toys.  Mrs. Robinson only eats nutritional food to ensure that their child is going to be healthy.

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Then the anticipated day arrived and the anticipated child was delivered brought into the world. He was a normal healthy looking baby boy but instead of filling their lives with joy, the child had given them great anxiety as it grew older it seemed to behave differently from other toddlers.

The child does not respond to their coos and even at 2 years old it does not yet learn how to talk. Aside from that the child was displaying other peculiar behaviors.  At first they thought he was maybe “slow’ in his development and may catch up later. However, their anxiety and fear was confirmed when after a series of tests and consultation with the doctors, they learned that their child is autistic.

Autism is identified as the most common developmental disorder among children. It is characterized by   failure to relate to others, failure to use language normally and engaging in ritualistic behavior that borders to obsession, such as playing for hours with one toy, a behavior that is obviously absent in normally developing children (“Autism Fact” 2007).

Medical experts had claimed that about 3 to 6 children out of every 1000 will be autistic, males four times likely to be at risks than females (“Growth” 2007). Medically speaking, autism is a neurological developmental disorder.  This disorder may be classified as mild called Asperger Syndrome to severe knows as Rett Syndrome (“Autism Spectrum” 2007).

Autistic behavior can be detected even as early as infancy as the baby can be noticeably unresponsive to people’s cooing and its obsession to focus in one thing, liken a certain toy, for long periods of hours. However, a child with autism may   appear to develop normally and then withdraw, often suddenly, from interacting with other people, accompanying with the loss of their previously acquired ability to communicate and interact with others.

Experts claimed that in most cases at the age of three the child can already be detected with autism. If parents and pediatricians are observant enough there are rare cases that even as early as 18 months autism can already be detected.  But it must be evaluated by professionals who specialized in this disorders( “Autism Spectrum” 2007). The warning signs of autism are:  repetitive movements such as “rocking and twirling, or in self-abusive behavior such as biting or head-banging”.

They also tend to start speaking later(or never at  all throughout their lifetime) than other children and may not respond to their name when called, they are not interested in playing with other children (they prefer to play by themselves and create their “own world”), some develop peculiar ways of talking like communicating in a “sing-song voice” about certain subjects and when they do engage a person in conversation they tend to be more talking to themselves rather than to the other person.

To calm their nerves they may repeat certain words or phrases over and over again(“Autism Fact” 2007). They may laugh in response to anger or cry when they are praised since they have difficulty interpreting social signals like tone of voice or facial expression. They themselves have difficulty communicating their feelings so they resort to demonstration like pulling their hair to mean that they are hurt or by flapping their hands to inform their parents that they are happy (“Growth” 2007).

Parents of autistic children need to be particularly observant and patient to understand them. It must also be understood that autistic children behaves differently from one another. However, these children show excellent abilities in art or mathematics or in other fields (Wagman 89).

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