Keynotes & Workshops

Inspirational, Survivorship, & Wellness

Traci’s B.I.O, a non-profit Cancer support foundation whose mission is to help survivors maintain a level of normalcy while going through an abnormal process. It is our desire to provide individuals with services and resources to assist with this life changing process. Our team provides breast cancer patients and survivors with practical information to tap into their inner strength. While also providing services to assist individuals during hair loss, nail discoloration, and the many other physical changes. It is our desire to not only see these women survive, but thrive.

You Will Discover:

  • Strategies for coping the moment you learn you have Cancer
  • How to look and feel Beautiful Inside & Out while coping with Cancer and after

Traci’s BIO Provides:

  • Tips on how to support someone who has Cancer.
  • An emotional connection and glimpse into the effects of Cancer
  • Strategies for living a healthy lifestyle in order to not only Survive but Thrive.

The Pink Sister Chronicles I & II

When it comes to carrying the message of Survivorship, laughter wins. Traci shares stories of HOPE with humor, drawing from her life experiences as a Cancer survivor along with other survivors. No woman wants to be told she has Breast Cancer. Those very words can pierce the soul of the hearer, resulting in worry, depression and despair. Questions are raised like, will I survive? How will I continue from day to day? What kind of support will I have?

These are some of the same questions that were asked by a collection of dynamic survivors who were told “You Have Breast Cancer.” The Pink Sister Chronicles series is a compilation of women who have decided to participate in a moment of transparency as it relates to diagnosis. Their powerful stories will make you laugh, cry and firmly make you think about the journey of diagnosis among women of color.